Salacious Stories: Man’s Penis Amputated Without Knowledge; Father Kills Naked Man In Daughter’s Room with Bare Hands

In a shameless attempt to increase blogviews, I have stooped to publishing a page with two salacious stories that are sure to pique the interest of the minions.

First off, here is a story of a man who hears his teenage daughter scream.  He rushed to her bedroom to find a naked man, wearing a ski-mask and latex gloves with a bunch of condoms.  Dad choked the man to death.  Turns out the guy had a heart condition and he was a convicted sex-offender.  Still…dad choked the man to death.  It does not appear that the Indiana authorities will charge dad.  In Texas, they’d give him a parade.  Chuck Norris would be proud….and I bet we know who this young woman’s hero will be for the rest of her life.    Click Here for the story.

Lorena Bobbit in the Operating Room?

Lorena Bobbit in the Operating Room?

How would you like to go to the doctor, thinking that you were getting a simple circumcision and waking up to find out that the doctor took a little more liberty.  The guy thought he was getting a little extra skin removed but the doctor decided the man had cancer.  So, while the man was out cold, the doctor apparently unilaterally determined it was time to whack the wanker!  Click Here for the story and associated video.  Just the VIDEO HERE


2 Responses

  1. I saw your headline but read on anyway trusting that our Bob Symon would not have anything truly R-rated in his blog. Stick to the weather, Mr. Symon, would be my advice–with only the occasional sidebar. Of course, there’s not much to talk about with local weather unless you want to keep tally of the amount of days without rain!

    With regards to the naked nutball in the ski mask, I was gratified to see one sex offender get swift justice! Of course, this event might actually give some “ammo” (I’m sorry) to the gun lobby: If Dad had a gun then he could have dispensed even swifter justice to his daughter’s attacker. That would have been more humane than choking the guy to death, right? So, get all the Dads of the world guns so that their daughter’s would-be attackers won’t have to suffer like this bean-brain did!

    All kidding aside, I’m so glad that Dad was able to come to his daughter’s rescue. This story is every father’s worst nightmare–but with a happy ending. Thank the good Lord he was able to save his dear child from that horrible excuse for a human being!

    Keep up the good work, Mr. Symon (aside from today!). You don’t need sex and undesirable amputations to keep me reading, buddy. It’s the weather that keeps me coming back.

    I’d love to hear more of your learned views on things like global warming, how cold might this winter be, etc.

  2. Eric…I pondered that…and even had a different headline…but I took the headline from the story that was on the news! If its news to you, it’s news to me!

    It wouldn’t have made a difference in the end game for the perpetrator, but you are right…dad Ted Nugent may have used a different method.

    Hey…guess what? I’ve gotten called more names from both sides of the debate for my take on Global Warming than for anything else I’ve posted. It’s incredible how if you don’t fall in lockstep with either position (you know, something in between?) then you get bashed.

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