Fall Is Here? Is Kyle Lurking? Let’s Rodeo! New Hurricane Ike Damage Photos

Fall began at 11:44:18 AM EDT on Monday. When I brought this bit of information to Young Mr. Lincoln, aka Matt Milosevich, he pondered aloud whether or not there was some guy at the equator measuring the sun’s angle to determine exactly at which second the Autumnal Equinox was upon us. That question is beyond my paygrade but let’s just accept that Fall has begun. But, one thing I do know is that it is utter nonsense that it’s easier to stand an egg on its end on the spring or autumn equinox. Typically, its foolish TV weather guys who try to push this off as fact when it is just a myth. Here’s a guy from a “bad astronomy” website that explains fully and even shows photos with dates to prove it. So, if you hear your local(or national) weatherman try to push this on you, I would question his credibility because if he’s so foolish as to fall for this one, then who knows what else is roaming around his head. Nevertheless, You’d never know it was

You can do this any time of year

You can do this any time of year

Fall in Louisville where the mercury will be pushing toward 90 for the next couple of days. However, it’s not a summer-like 90 because the air is so doggone dry. With dewpoints in the 50’s, our lows will be in the upper 50’s to near 60. Snow White and I had a lovely row up the Ohio River on Monday evening, though I had to keep a sharp eye on a wayward jet ski guy who I thought may swamp my bride. Punk. I also have to water Kelsaroo the Hydrangia who is drooping again. I’ll be watering every night because rain chances are slim this week. There is an area of low pressure that is advertised to wander into the SE states but at this point, it only looks like it will bring some clouds late in the week and no rain. Oh…check this video out…this guy is the oldest American and he celebrated his 112th birthday. He looks like he could give me a challenge in a row on the river.

Hurricane Ike Photos: I found some more Hurricane Ike damage photos courtesy of KRIV in Houston. It’s a new batch and are rather interesting as they show some different looks than we’ve seen before. Here is the link to the KRIV Hurricane Ike Damage Photos. For a look at a whole bunch of other Hurricane Ike Damage photos and video from Texas and Louisville , CLICK HERE and scroll down through numerous posts.

Invest 93 Spaghetti Model 0922 18Z

Invest 93 Spaghetti Model 0922 18Z

Invest 93: If you take the Invest 93 18Z Spaghetti Model Intensity Graph as

Invest 93 Spaghetti Model Intensity Graph 0922 18Z

Invest 93 Spaghetti Model Intensity Graph 0922 18Z

Gospel, then we will have Kyle in relatively short order. 11 of the models make it a hurricane and the rest make it a Tropical Storm. If it does develop, then it will be Kyle. My guess is that it will at least be a depression and most of the models that we use in our forecasting does develop it quite nicely. The general direction of the mean track from the spaghetti model is toward New England. To find out about the Great New England Hurricane of 1938 which struck in late September of that year, CLICK HERE. My encouraging you to check it out is not a forecast of a repeat performance, but just a reminder that big storms can and have hit New England late in the season and it had nothing to do with Global Warming. Remember, a hurricane’s role in nature is to transport heat and moisture from the tropical regions to the polar regions. It’s not the hurricane’s fault people built houses in its path. In fact, here is an article that talks about another new study about tropical cyclones in the Atlantic and Global Warming. It says the opposite of what many have been saying in the media and rightly concludes that this study will not be the final word. While the increase in tropical cyclone activity was forecast years ago to increase for about 30 years from 1995 to 2025 due to natural cycles has come about, keep in mind that other parts of the world have seen a decrease in activity. Also, the first hurricane tracked by satellite was Hurricane Camille in 1969 so the study of tropical cyclones in the modern sense has not really been going on for all that long. There is much to be learned.

All Because of the Lowly Potato

All Because of the Lowly Potato

On This Date in History: Colonel E. A. Slack was the publisher of Wyoming’s Daily Sun-Leader, the predecessor to today’s Wyoming Tribune-Eagle . Slack was not feeling too chipper as he made his way back to Cheyenne from Greeley, Colorado where that town held its Potato Day Festival. He wondered why in the wide wide world of sports that Cheyenne couldn’t do something to celebrate its heritage. Around the same time, railroad agent F.W. Angier was watching cowboys go through their work and thought it would make a great show.

Dan Quayles Nemesis Was Cheyenne's Hero

Dan Quayles Nemesis Was Cheyenne's Hero

The two somehow put their heads together and combined their thoughts. Slack used his influence to get the fine folks of Cheyenne to pony up $562 to support the worlds first professional rodeo on this date in 1897. People came from as far away as Denver to see cowboys compete in events that simply mimicked the very thing they did every day for a living. Of the 11 events held that day, 5 are still part of a typical modern day rodeo. But the awarding of prizes has evolved a little differently. See, originally the guy who was the best bronc rider won $25. The horse that judges determined was the meanest and bucked the best was also given a prize. The owner of the baddest bronc received $100…Four times as much as the guy who took the beating the best!

Today, the Cheyenne Frontier Days festival is a huge event and continues….but I think the meanest horse just gets a big bag of oats and a reprieve from the Glue Factory. And it’s all because a newspaperman was jealous of Mr. Potato Head.


3 Responses

  1. We All Love reading your post…. Keep it coming

  2. I love your post, too, Mr. Symon, but…you name your hydrangia??? You two must be very good friends, indeed. I’m kidding you. I’ll leaf you alone now.

    I very much enjoy reading your blog, sir.

  3. We named it after a beloved family pet. Its a sort of memorial.

    Then there is Kelsaroo’s protector. His name is Horton because it looks like a tree from Dr. Suess. And then there is Piney. If you can’t figure that one out…then I surrender.

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