Hurricane Ike Preliminary Reports; Upper Low Close to Valhalla; 3rd Time’s The Charm For Chet Arthur

Hurricane Ike Prior to Landfall

Hurricane Ike Prior to Landfall

The preliminary reports from the NWS and the National Hurricane Center are in regarding Hurricane Ike.  Be careful regarding some of the data.  You will notice that at IAH they reported a lowest pressure of 961 mb yet they translated that into 29.97 in.  I think that should be 28.97 in.  Also, Scholes Field on Galveston reported a low pressure of 1002 mb.  Nonsense. I played a Rugby Tournament at Scholes Field and can tell you that it was very close to where the eye passed over.  I suspect that the instruments failed as the storm was approaching.  In any event, it is what it is, which is “preliminary” and I’m sure that there will be corrections or footnotes when the final report is issued.  The second link is really about the life of the storm with links to images and all sorts of stuff. The first is data pertaining to the NWS Houston region.

Here is the NWS Houston preliminary report

Here is the NWS Hurricane Ike preliminary report

For photos, video and stories pertaining to Hurricane Ike Damage, CLICK HERE and scroll down.  There’s lots of stuff in several posts.

Ryder Cup: An upper low snuck up from the south rotating up.  Between the heating and the fringe of the disturbance to the SW, a little shower popped up at Bowman Field in Louisville on Friday.  But never fear, the disturbance will move through but is weakening as it moves over the area.  Short wave ridging should build in on Saturday and for the most part snuff it out, though an isolated shower can’t be ruled out.  Nevetheless,  all in all, the general forecast will hold….just a little wrinkle for a few…let’s just hope those few are not teeing it up at Valhalla. So, it will be for most warm afternoons with partly cloudy skies with cool nights.  The Yanks are off to a good start with Boo and JB leading the way.  Do you really think the Euros can be Americans with names like Boo and JB?

At least he looked good!On This Date in History: Rutherford B. Hayes served as President from 1877 to 1881.  The man who took his place was Congressman James A. Garfield from Ohio.  I don’t think he ever made it to General in the Union Army but had served with some distinction as a Colonel.  He was a conservative who won the election and was inaugurated in March of 1881.  Remember, originally, inauguration day was in March.  Later it was moved to January 20.  Anyway, Garfield had the misfortune of getting the way of the bullet from the gun of a nutbag, disgruntled ( I love that adjective) office seeker, Charles Guiteau.  Garfield was in a train station on July 2, 1881 and was shot in the back.  He lingered for several months and it is widely speculated that he may have survived had they had him up and walking around, getting stronger.  I”ve read that he got weak and died and I’ve read that he died of an aneurism or some other complication.   In any event, he died on September 19, 1881 and Vice-President Chester Alan Arthur was sworn in  on this date in 1881.  From jail, Guiteau wrote to Arthur claiming credit for his elevation to the highest office in the land.  I suppose that he was lobbying from death-row for that evasive political appointment.   It was the second time in American history that the United States had three presidents in one calendar year.  The other time it happened was in 1841 when President Martin Van Buren gave way to William Henry Harrison who got pneumonia at his inaugural (Marth 1841) after Harrison walked a very long parade route and then gave a very long winded speech in sub-freezing temperatures.  He died a month later and John Tyler became president.

Chester Alan Arthur was basically a political hack who had served as New York Port Authority Commissioner during a time of great corruption on the New York docks.  He served just one term…a term described by former President Hayes as one of “liquor, snobbery and worse.”  He was not only not re-elected but didn’t even get the nomination of his party for another term.  Just as well. He would have died in office had he been allowed to run and if he had won because he died in November 1886 and then we would have had another VP take over the helm.  Arthur otherwise would have been lost to the pages of history except that he seems to have been one of our more dapper presidents and also more recently showed up in the 3rd Die Hard movie with Bruce Willis, Samuel L. Jackson and Jeremy Irons when the clue is the 21st President of the United States.  The school that was threatened by the terrorists was named for him.  No one knew who it was…except for the truck driver Jerry who proudly told Bruce Willis all about Chet Arthur.  I think to this day, Jerry still knows more than anyone else about Chester Alan Arthur.


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