More Hurricane Ike Damage Photos/Video; Crystal Beach Before and After; Lootin’ Means Shootin’ & Smokin’ With Willie

Don't Mess With Texas

Don't Mess With Texas

Ryder Cup Clean-Up At Valhalla

Ryder Cup Clean-Up At Valhalla

for additional Hurricane Ike Damage photos and video from Texas and the Louisville area, CLICK HERE. 

In Louisville, Hurricane Ike left over 300,000 Louisville Gas and Electric customers without power.  By Monday evening, that number was down to 215,000.  A problem that is hampering efforts, aside from the number of lines down, is that some of the LG&E folks had gone to Texas to help out with restoring power in that state.  Now, the state of Kentucky is experiencing its largest power outage ever.  Several counties in Indiana are not only without power, but also under a state of emergency.  Just like the LG&E folks help out in other areas of the country, others will come to the Commonwealth to pitch in.  Well, other states in the region have their own problems and many of their folks are also down in Texas.  So, they just had a press conference and announced that it may be 10-14 days before power is fully restored. Great…guess who has

I-45 South 7 Miles from Galveston

I-45 South 7 Miles from Galveston

no power?  I’m glad our weather will be dry with cool nights and warm afternoons.  Don’t worry, the Ryder Cup will come off  without a hitch. The clean up is in full force and there was only minor damage at Valhalla. You folks should see the people crowding into the gas stations and grocery stores that are open.  And the fast food joints that are open are running out of food.  One thing we don’t have is looting.  The mayor got a bit testy when a reporter even uttered the word.  From the picture above, you can see that they probably don’t have much of a looting problem either…..if they do, it won’t last for long.  Looters will find out the reason why people have guns in Texas.

Not Such a Crystal Beach after Ike

Not Such a Crystal Beach after Ike

Speaking of Tejas.  Crystal Beach is just to the east of Galveston Bay.  Galveston Island is on the west side of the entrance to the bay while Bolivar Peninsula with Crystal Beach is on the east side of the entrance.  Bolivar Peninsula was immediately to the right of the eye of Ike as it made landfall which means that it caught the full force of the winds and surge.  At the bottom are more photos from Texas.  One is a slide show from a Boston TV station.  The others are video of Crystal Beach.  One is directly after the storm but the others are from Crystal Beach before Ike so you can get an idea of what it looked like.  The after images shows ravines gouged out by the water is it retreated to the sea.  Crystal Beach is almost wiped clean in some places.

You can see other photos and videos from Hurricane Ike Damage by clicking HERE and HERE.

President Carter

President Carter

On This Date In History: Remember during the 1976 Presidential election how Jimmy Carter used his stellar integrity as a campaign club? Remember the famous “lust in my heart” comment and the focus on his Southern Baptist upbringing? President Carter was extremely bright. He served honorably in the United States Navy as a Captain directly under the command of Admiral Hyman Rickover aka the “father of the nuclear navy”. President Carter was known as a peanut farmer in campaign literature but the truth is he was a nuclear engineer of great ability. He and President Herbert Hoover are the only academically trained engineers to serve as President…you can draw your own conclusions. Anyway, all of this makes what happened in the middle of September 1980 all that more remarkable.

On this date in 1980, the old Red Headed Stranger was probably feeling pretty good about himself.  Just three days before, on September 13, 1980 President Carter hosted a concert by none other than Willie Nelson at the White House. Willie Nelson of “Whiskey River” and “Outlaw” fame. Willie Nelson on his 3rd marriage at the time. Later Nelson went on to run up an interesting rap sheet of marijuana arrests and was convicted of failure to pay his income taxes. Not one to be kept down, Willie made a new record called The IRS Tapes: Will You Buy My Dreams? A lot of people did because Willie paid back the hundreds of thousands, if not millions(I can’t remember how much it was) in back taxes.
Willie Nelson

Willie Nelson

But, I suppose to forgive is Divine, especially if you are forgiving a country music star with some good tunes. Seems President Carter liked to listen to Nelson’s music while pondering policy and other items associated with the pressures of being President. Carter told Rolling Stone magazine, “All the good things I did as president, all the mistakes I made — you can blame half of that on Willie.” Nelson, who was a public supporter of NORMAL (National Organization for Reform of Marijuana Laws) exercised his protest right, I suppose, by lighting up what he called “a big fat Austin torpedo” while on the White House roof. That would be a giant joint for all of you lacking in the hip verbiage of the day. Carter said he never knew about it but Nelson claims the Secret Service kept a sharp eye on him while he sparked up on the Carter White House roof. Nelson has traced his lineage to the American Revolution. Perhaps he was doing his version of the Boston Tea Party as he toked away on top of the Presidential residence.



Hurricane Ike Damage -Boston WCVB Slide Show 63 images

Crystal Beach Video-Before Hurricane Ike

Crystal Beach Family Photo Video-Before Hurricane Ike

Crystal Beach Video-After Hurricane Ike Destruction


5 Responses

  1. Willie Nelson and Jimmy Carter. Talk about your unlikely pair! That’s a great story. I sure hope that Willie made up that story about lighting up a doobie on the roof of the White House but, unfortunately, it is not too hard to imagine him doing such.

    In a way it’s hard to understand how someone as smart as Jimmy Carter could have been such a lousy president (forgive my for saying). I guess it just goes to show that being smart doesn’t necessarily translate to being a good boss. I suppose it would be hard for someone that smart to just sit back and let the experts do their jobs without constantly checking to make sure they were doing it to your satisfaction. My guess is that he was a micromanager. I don’t think that it would be possible to ever micromanage effectively as the President of the United States since it is such a huge job. This might have been the reason for his poor results as President.

    So, I’ve read your blog carefully and I still don’t understand: What happened to the rain?!?!? I know we weren’t expected to get as much here as to the West but NOTHING? Everyone missed that one, it seems.

  2. Remember, Ike still had a fairly decent structural integrity. A hurricane is a wam core low and it had not transformed when it passed by here. Therefore, the termperatures aloft were quite warm and so convection was not able to get going. I had noted a sort of apendage coming down from the center around Terre Haute extending in a curve down to the west of louisville. There was a broken line of light showers with that. It seemed to be the demarkation from surface winds from the SE and then the shift to SW. I had suspected that we would see that appendage the day before and I was concerned about low topped small tornadoes. Once that swung through, the vortex threat went with it but we still had the overall windfield to deal with, which was a result of a little heating providing enough mixing to bring the low level jet down to the ground. Obviously is was howling. I had suspected that we would get higher wind than conventional wisdom called for but even I would not have said 75 mph winds. That was pretty remarkable.

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