Hurricane Ike Damage-Very Close Call for Galveston

6-8 Hours BEFORE the storm

6-8 Hours BEFORE the storm

for more hurricane ike damage photos and aerial video of damage, CLICK HERE and scroll down to numerous posts with various links to photos and video

As you may have noticed in my posts or bio, I am from Houston. I know the area backwards and forwards. I even used to to airborne traffic reports in the area. From the still photos and from stories, it would seem to moe that Galveston and all those people who stayed barely avoided an enormous catastrophe. As it was, ther are numerous stories of people waking to rising water in their homes and having to swim or wade out. Some of these stories are very dramatic. But, no one has heard from the West End of the Island. There is no seawall there. I really thought that there was no way anyone stayed down there but apparently some did. But, if you check out these slide shows that I got from several sources, you see that near downtown Houston, Buffalo Bayou rose very high. The flooding in those pictures I do not believe was caused by rain but instead a storm surge. If you look at Crystal Beach, which is on Bolivar Peninsula jutting out from the east into the mouth of Galveston Bay, it would appear that parts of the beach were wiped clean…it would appear that the houses are all gone and you see runoff lines gouged in the ground. That is the beginning of the area that would have gotten the most extreme and violent storm surge, just to the east of the center in the eastern eyewall. I betcha on the west end there are inlets that have been carved in the island.

Photos will show that I-45 south is totally covered by debris. It appears those photos come from near the Hwy 6 intersection with I-45 which is still a fair piece inland. I really believe that had this storm been a shade stronger and made landfall 20 miles farther west, then this story may have been far different.

NYTIMES Slide show

AP SLIDE SHOW-via yahoo

Here are a whole mess of blogs with lots of posts. Not only will you find people’s stories and if you scroll through you will find video and photos…worth the snooping.

Houston Chronicle

Houston Chronicle Reader’s Photo Gallery

More Photos from Houston

More Galveston Photos

Hurricane Ike Rescue photos

BBC Slide Show

CNN Link Video-Some Live shots(as of 4pm EDT 0914)


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  1. Thanks Symon for all the good photo links and your local and informed perspective about the hurricanes. Ike had some staying power, even here in Toronto the high winds were enough to down many trees and power lines causing scattered outages. But nothing like what you folks faced. They eerily remind me of what I saw volunteering after Katrina, especially the west end shots were similar to Biloxi. I just got the call up to volunteer at one of the disaster relief distribution warehouses in Houston – I leave Friday and will be in town helping for two weeks. We should meet and have a cold one – drop me a line here or on my blog Cheers < Andy Coats

  2. I was there too! And also at Biloxi shortly after Hurricane Camille in 1969. Snow White claims that I said on the air that “a lot of people are going to die tonight” when Katrina was moving toward Mississippi. I don’t think I said it on the air but I certainly told her and the anchor because I knew what a huge storm surge it would have in Mississippi and I remember the stairs leading to nowhere where houses had once been. I’m figuring that Bolivar Peninsula got not only a pretty good storm surge but the wave action must have been brutal. If you notice in the photos, the pilings on which the houses stood are even gone. And the ruts in the sand where the water receded was pretty interesting too. Thanx for the note and good luck in my hometown. There’s a lot of work to be done in Galveston and Bolivar peninsula and seabrook. They’ll be happy that you are there.

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  4. I appreciate the shout out….but I am from Houston, mainly grew up there and know the area like the back of my hand. I even used to airborne traffic reports so I know it from the air. But I live in Louisville right now!

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  6. I’m doing a school project that will be entered into a contest and I waas wondering if I could use the images on this page?

  7. Generally, when I’ve taught college level classes, I tell my students that the internet is a terrible place for doing research. My blog is a case in point in that I do not cite sources though I do get my stuff from reliable published sources or from sites that are reputable (universities, government, etc.) I will often point out when there is a diversity of opinion on a given subject. With regard to the photos, I generally get them from public forum type places. In the case of Ike, I can’t recall though most of the photos would be from newspapers or National Weather Service sites. I would think that use for a class paper would not be an issue. Just remember, I didn’t take the pictures. As for the meteorological discussion associated, I am a Meteorologist professionally and academically so you can certainly use my verbiage as a source. If it makes you feel better…I made a bet with a colleague 72 hours before the storm struck as the models were all over the place and I think the official forecast took it into Corpus Christi. We were to pick a point and get 100 miles either side to be counted as a win. He took Brownsville..I took Galveston. I didn’t need 100 miles. If you have any questions regarding the storm or Galveston or history surrounding Galveston or hurricanes, feel free to ask me. Also, I have some postings regarding the Galveston Hurricane of 1900 which was the largest natural disaster in terms of loss of life in US history. There are more than one post and some of them are more detailed than others with more links than others. Hope this helps.

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