Dolley Madison Saves the Day For George and From Fay!

To track the remnant of Fay via radar imagery, you can click on this Interactive Radar (Click Here) and zoom in to street level, loop and navigate anywhere in the nation.

I’m honestly tired of talking about Fay and look forward to Gustav, which may be entering the world this week as Invest 94L is looking rather interesting. The NHC is still planning on taking a peek with the hurricane hunters scheduled to make a couple of visits, unless it just totally falls apart. But it’s looking fairly decent. For the 0824 18Z Invest 94L spaghetti models, see the previous post. (Click Here) We’ll talk about it more later. As for the remnant of Fay, it’s going to mainly stay bottled up in the South. A frontal boundary that came through here Sunday will hold that moisture at bay. Then the remnant low will slowly lift up from South Mississippi into Central Mississippi and North Alabama. The heavy rain will stay to our South and East but I’m banking on us getting on the fringe

5 Day Rainfall Forecast 0825 00Z to 0830 00z

5 Day Rainfall Forecast 0825 00Z to 0830 00z

of the action on Wednesday and Thursday for some relief. There may be some isolated t’storms in the southern part of the viewing area on Monday afternoon, much like we had in the northern part of the viewing area Sunday. Temperatures will be held down a bit as we’re behind the front with a northeasterly flow and there will be the high clouds. But, I’m going a shade above guidance as there should still be a little sinking air around Fay’s circulation, which is still decent. We have a front on Friday night or Saturday that will bring a chance for rain and t’storms and right now, it looks to be a sharp cold front for this time of year and conditions should be ideal for the latter two thirds of the Labor Day Weekend.

On This Date in History: Dolley Payne Todd Madison was the First Lady of the United States and wife of President James Madison. In 1790, she married a fellow named John Todd, Jr. of Philadelphia and had two sons. He was a lawyer and things were dandy until a yellow fever epidemic in 1793 that claimed his life, that of one of his sons and his mother and father. I’m not certain if John Todd, Jr. was related directly to the Todds of Kentucky. But, following his death, Dolley married James Madison and Dolley’s sister, following the death of her husband married Judge Thomas Todd of Kentucky in what was the first marriage ceremony in the White House. Sounds like it wasn’t very good luck to be the first to marry the Payne girls.

Anyway, Dolley goes and marries James Madison and was a very well thought of First Lady. Perhaps

Dolley Madison Immortalized?

Dolley Madison Immortalized?

her biggest claim to fame, other than having a pastry company immortalized by the Peanuts gang named after her, was her valor. On this date in 1814, Dolley Madison was rummaging through the ruins of the White House, wondering where she would stay and what to do with the artifacts she had saved. This was the time of the War of 1812…even though it was 1814. The British had invaded and burned the city, including the White House. A few weeks later in Baltimore Harbor, Francis Scott Key would write the words to the Star Spangled Banner. But, when the British were coming, Dolley didn’t have time to write poetry, she was concerned

Saved By Dolley

Saved By Dolley

with not just saving herself, but also valuables in the White House. Her quick thinking saved many historic and valuable papers. She is also credited with saving many paintings, including a famous portrait of George Washington.

Of course, the British got their payback when Andy Jackson took’em to the Woodshed at the Battle of New Orleans, before anyone realized that a peace treaty had been signed days before. Oh well…the redcoats deserved it. And Dolley Madison’s name is in its proper place near the top of the First Lady list…and on

A Vending Machine Favorite

A Vending Machine Favorite

the top of a box of Zingers.


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  1. you people are stupid not you guys buut the people that didnt take this seriosly and i need some infermation aboutt dolly madison saveing george washingtons painting and i need some serios stuff.

  2. Please explain, Pearl. I’ll try to help

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