What A Surprise! Bigfoot a Hoax! Flasher Gets His Coffee and Ecnomic Woes Cause Government to Print Fractional Bills

Louisville Weather: For some silly reason, the Air Pollution Control district had us in a Air Quality Alert for Wednesday even though we were going to have low humidity and some breezes. So, no surprise it did not come close to verification. But, it was plenty hot. The low humidity helped to move the mercury high after a cool start but the breeze and relatively dry conditions were a bit of a relief but…95 is still 95. Don’t believe that “dry heat” stuff. The ridge of high pressure that is steering Fay back across Florida will nose over us and prevent any rain anytime soon. A little trof on Sunday will break down the ridge enough to bring a few showers and perhaps set the stage for Fay’s moisture to combine with stuff from the Southwest to roll around the ridge, up the Mississippi Valley and into the Ohio Valley by early to mid next week. Lets hope so..we need the rain. I just bought a hose today so it would be easier for me to water Kelsaroo the Hydrangia and Horton the Baby Tree.

So, the Bigfoot boys pulled a fast one. Well, not really. See, I had several great questions(click here), though no one

Would You Buy a Used Car From These Men?

Would You Buy a Used Car From These Men?

else asked them. One was If this was a big find, wouldn’t it make sense that they call the press like they did in Jaws when they caught the shark that they thought was THE man-eater? I mean, Hooper proved it was the wrong shark but the press didn’t know that. But no…these guys somehow carry a 500lb carcass (and have time to weigh it) to a freezer and then weeks later show a fuzzy picture as proof. It looked sorta like a rubber suit with some cold cuts on top of it. As it turns out, what it looked like was not too far from the truth, except they filled the gorilla suit with roadkill!. The two guys, at least one of whom is a cop, who gained international headlines are far far away. I got a note from someone in Malaysia who said we were “stupid Americans” and that this was proof we were in decline. Nonsense! We have a genius for marketing. See, now the bigfoot hunting business is still in full bloom! Here is a story from Sydney Australia so you can find out what the Aussie’s take was. That is followed by the AP story that I believe has video links.

Sydney Morning Herald

AP story link to video

What Would You Like With Your Coffee?

What Would You Like With Your Coffee?

If the Bigfoot story isn’t worth your while, try this. This guy drives up to a Seattle drive-through coffee place. Now, when you look at the video, you will notice this isn’t your typical coffee store. I don’t go to coffee houses but I don’t think there are any like this in Louisville. The clerks are young ladies in bikinis. So, this guy decides to join in the fun by wearing women’s underwear when he drives up…and he comes back again and again. So, the girls give him his coffee….you need to watch the story.

Flasher Gets Hot Surprise

On This Date In History: Many people think that the economy is just terrible. I recall the one in the late 70’s and early 80’s with unemployment at about 8%, Inflation at about 11% and interest rates at about 16%…or maybe higher. Perhaps your grandparents, or maybe even Steve Burgin, can tell you tales about the stock market crash in 1929! But I bet hardly anyone knows about this date in 1862 when economic conditions got so bad that the government started printing 5, 10, 25 and 50 cent notes.

See, in 1862 the US Government had a little problem. It was called the Civil War. By August 1862 things weren’t going so well. Just like in later wars…WWI, WWII, Korea, Iraq….the good guys weren’t rolling to victory in the first year or so as Americans expected and, in fact, the news wasn’t good so the American public, being short sighted, turned to despair. In 1862, coins were made of nearly pure metals. Pennies were copper, other coins were silver or gold. Well, with the government falling into debt to finance the war and the perception that the Union might lose, people started hoarding their coins. A building in New York collapsed from the weight of pennies stored on the second floor. The Washington Star wrote that “. . . In 1862 small change became very scarce. . .It was more than a day’s search to find a five-cent silver piece.” So, there was no money in circulation and the government had other things to do like figure out how to stop the Confederate Armies. So, it was up to the Treasury Department.

US Treasurer General F. E. Spinner asked for someone to bring him some postage stamps and blank paper. He cut pieces of paper in equal 2.5 x 5 inch sections and affixed stamps of various denominations on the corner. Spinners cut-outs became the model for the 5 different issues of the mini-bills that continued in production until 1876. There were 23 different designs that apparently are some of the most artistic in American currency. They are great finds for collectors. I got a $10 silver certificate in change some time ago and I’ve also gotten steel pennies in change, but never have I found a 5-cent bill. If you get one, don’t try to blame Bush…take yourself directly to e-bay!


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  1. But how could anyone have ever doubted those guys? They just radiated trust. I’m sure the Bigfoot species really has rubbery skin.

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