The Amazing Carl Graham Fisher; Louisville Outlook

For an update on Fay, see previous post.  The link is highlighted in the next paragraph.

Louisville Weather looks to be more of the same for the next few days with warm to hot afternoons but relatively mild overnights. We could use some rain and, with the ridge of high pressure building in, we think that it will be tough for any showers from the southwest to come up our way or anything from Tropical Storm Fay to get here for some time. By Sunday, a weak trof comes down as the high breaks down. That gives us our first chance for rain. By the first part of next week, moisture from Fay should combine with a system from the southwest and converge over the Ozarks and move our way bringing some welcome relief.

On This Date In History: On this date in 1909, entrepreneur Carl Graham Fisher was scratching his head . The day before had seen the opening of his Indianapolis Motor Speedway with a three day, 300 mile race and things weren’t going very well. Drivers were blinded by the dust kicked up from the gravel roadway and 5 people were killed. Fisher abruptly stopped the race. But, he didn’t give up. He had the 2.5 mile oval set with brick and in 1911, the first Indy 500 was held.

Fisher didn’t give up on a lot of things. He was born half blind but didn’t know about it until he was 31. He started a small bicycle business and promoted it by riding a bike across a tightrope. He opened what is thought to be the first auto dealership in America and promoted that business in Indianapolis by floating across the city in a hot-air balloon. Part of the reason he opened the Indianapolis Motor Speedway was that he wanted to try to make Indianapolis the hub of the auto-industry instead of Detroit. He also went into business making auto headlights. He later sold that in 1912 to Union Carbide for $9 million. Perhaps buoyed by the success of making Indianapolis Motor Speedway the “Brickyard”, he conceived of the idea and helped develop the nations first coast to coast highway, the Lincoln Highway, named for his favorite hero. He went a step farther and pushed for the Dixie Highway from Indianapolis to Florida, which John Mellencamp made famous later.

Fisher's Elephant


In Florida, he became a real estate mogul and bought an overgrown island off of Miami. He had it cleared of mangroves, filled in the swamps and built a bridge to what is now known as Miami Beach. As part of a promotion, he once used an elephant with a baseball player on its head, which I have no idea how that promotes a real estate development. But, Fisher is considered a genius while that moniker has escaped me. He also began a “Miami of the North”, developing what would become Montauk on the eastern tip of Long Island. At one point he was worth $100 million in 1920’s dollars. But..easy come easy go.

Before the hype of Global Warming, a number of hurricanes devastated Florida and just hammered the real estate market in Florida. That took a toll on Fisher’s fortune. Then the stock market crash of 1929 wiped him out. He ended up in a small cottage on Miami Beach, but he didn’t stop. He developed the Caribbean Club in Key Largo. He died in 1939 with an estate estimated at just $40,000. But, he is credited with helping to inspire President Eisenhower to develop the interstate highway system. He was inducted into the Automotive Hall of Fame and was named one of Florida’s 50 most influential people of the 20th Century.

From rags to riches to rags again….yet he left a legacy of benefit for the entire nation. Ever wonder what you can do if you try?


2 Responses

  1. A bit early on the date, aren’t we, Mr. Symon? You’ve got August 20th at 10 p.m. on August 19th. Of course in UTC, I guess it’s August 20th.

    I do enjoy your blog and comments about things weather related…and not. I’m kind of a weather junkie particularly in the winter months. For some reason I still love to see it snow. You’d think that having to drive in it and worrying about my kids driving in it would have cured me.

    Keep up the good work and I’ll keep reading, good Lord willing.

  2. Eric,

    So glad to have you on board. The reason why it seems the date is wrong is because this here server goes on UTC time so at 8 PM EDT, it becomes the 20th. Must have been developed by a brit. But I’m used to it because in weather we routinely use UTC.

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