Don’t Hang With This Plummer

Our weather still looks great except for the fact that we could use some rain. Well, if you can’t have rain when you need it, you may as well take warm conditions with lots of sunshine and low humidity.  That will be the case for much of the week.  Now, the only wrinkle in the equation is Tropical Storm Fay, potentially Hurricane Fay. It is forecast to move inland in Florida and end up in either Eastern Kentucky or Western Virginia by Thursday.  That would mean we would have easterly breezes, and dry conditions. We will be on the dry side of the circulation. I don’t think the storm will be formidable enough for us to get any downward heating affects.  Now, there are several models that want to take the storm more into the Florida Panhandle and then up our way.  If it does slip under a trof and come Northwest, then rain chances increase by late in the week, but that seems improbable to me.  I suspect that the trof will pick it up. It will dependent on its forward speed once it gets tired of fooling with Cuba. 

Keep up with Fay by looking at other posts on this site.

On This Date In History:  Cyrus Skinner was released from San Quentin Prison in California for the first time on this date in 1853.  Skinner isn’t a well known desperado from the old west but he certainly was notorious.  He grew up in Ohio and began robbing people at an early age.  He moved to California with the Gold Rush in 1850 where he continued his robbing ways.  He was caught and went to San Quentin.  After he got out on this date in 1853, he started robbing again and got caught and sent back again.  This time he escaped, started robbing and was caught again and sentenced to 15 years in San Quentin.  This time, he met up  with a guy named Henry Plummer.  Plummer was released and Skinner escaped again in 1860 and this time went to Idaho to meet up with Plummer.

Now, Plummer had actually been a sheriff in Nevada City, CA.  But, he was having an affair with a miner’s wife and when confronted by the miner, Plummer shot him dead in a duel. Plummer was sent to prison where he met Skinner.  Plummer got out due to tuberculosis or due to people asking for clemency or something.  Anyway, when Plummer got out, he turned to the other side of the law and he formed a road gang that robbed and murdered about 100 people in Idaho and Montana.  Skinner was part of that group and was said to have been one of the worst offenders, killing people for no reason.  The town folk got tired of it all and formed a vigilante group that one by one, rounded up the bad guys, held street trials and hung them.  Plummer got hung on a gallows that he had built when he was sheriff.   When confronted, Skinner tried to avoid the noose by running away, hoping to get shot….but the vigilante’s wouldn’t oblige. Nope, they caught him alive and then they hung him. Nice to know that they had principals.  The moral to this story is to not follow in the footsteps of a Plummer!  Certainly not this one, whom you can read more about here.


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