Nice Weather; Clinton Testifies, Cars Get a Start and Cruise on to Woodstock

I’m devoting quite a bit of time to Tropical Storm Fay because it’s the only show in town, though it is rather cool across much of the nation. In fact, even Fay’s behavior is one that would be more expected late in the hurricane season.   Scroll through the blog to find the most recent updates on Fay.

 Meanwhile, back at the ranch….Our weather is just great. So much for Global Warming.  They had highs in Colorado in the 50’s and 60’s on Saturday and we only got to the low 80’s after a coolish start. A year ago on Saturday we set a record of 105.  Of course, that was at the airport which means it was probably around 100 in your backyard.  Nevertheless, we’re being blessed this August.  The trof that reinforced the nice weather is down south and will help break down the periphery of the ridge that is steering Fay.  As long as the ridge does not reassert itself, as most models predict and the hurricane center is inclined to believe, then it will not affect us.  There is one model, the US navy NOGAPS that Saturday morning has the storm moving into Mobile and up into our area by late week.  That seems a bit improbable but it’s out there and is really the only thing in the way to mess up the forecast.  We will probably be experiencing increased humidity as the week progresses and thus, more typical August like weather.

On This Date In History:  The guy who invented the cruise control on your automobile was born on this date…in 1890!  Seems the little item was invented years before it became popular.  He actually had the device patented in 1945 and called it “Controlmatic”, “Touchomatic”, “Pressomatic” and “Speedostat” before finally settling on “cruise control.”  It didn’t show up on automobiles though until Chrysler offered it in 1958.  Here’s the kicker.  Inventor Ralph Teetor was blind after age 6 yet went on to be a successful manufacturing executive, entrepreneur and engineer.  Remarkable.  Perhaps this will inspire you to do great things amidst difficulty.

Charles F Kettering patented another automotive invention on this date in 1915.  He and Edward Deeds had been fooling around with a better way to start a car than getting out and cranking it up.  Their electric “self starter” was ground breaking and led to a decrease in broken backs.  They formed the company Delco which became a part of GM.  These guys brought all sorts of innovations to the automobile that are still in use today.  Interesting thing about Kettering…before he started working on cars, he invented the first electric cash register.

This Date in 1998 is a day that President Clinton would like to forget…he testified before a grand jury in the Paula Jones case and got hung up when they started asking about Monica Lewinsky.  He gave his infamous rhetorical question about the meaning of “is” and said he gave “legally accurate” testimony.  You know the rest.

Perhaps the President might have been better off turning on, tuning and dropping out doing as the folks were doing at a farm in Bethel, New York in 1969 where they Woodstock Music and Art Fair was winding up.  Funny…I don’t recall any stories about art.  I was but a lad but I have seen the movie a bunch of times.  It inspired me to go to big festivals.  Willie Nelson’s picnic was an experience…as was the Houston Jam when it was about 105 degrees in the always humid Houston. I have stories to tell but I won’t…instead you can see pictures and read stories about the one that started in all…Woodstock.

Just click here and take a ride back to 1969


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