BigFoot Found…But Which One?

Starting off…the weekend will be great. A little warmer but still very reasonable for August.

Okay….I’m sure that you’ve heard someone “found” bigfoot. Not in the northwest, but instead in Georgia! Maybe they found this guy from the Legend of Boggy Creek.

Perhaps it was a lady bigfoot….the one that ruined this young man’s life!

Maybe they found the one from Disney World. With travel down this year, Disney gave him the old pink slip and he headed to the woods. It’s too bad because this one was so friendly with the kids.

Or maybe it was this bigfoot…now that Hillary is out of the race, he’s no longer needed so Howard Dean of the DNC had him rubbed out.

Or perhaps it was this one…I mean, global warming has wiped out his home, right? Therefore he wandered down to Georgia and met his demise.

Whatever comes out, we’ll know for sure. So far I’ve read that these two guys are bigfoot hunters, not just some guys going out and about. It supposed to add credibility that one of them is a cop. I’ve read that they had an expert examine the beast…that expert was one of the guy’s brother. The question I have is that why is it that these people can never take a clear picture? Why are the photographs always grainy or blurry? Why didn’t these guys do like in Jaws and invite the media in to take pictures?

CBS News story

Blog with Photo one of those photos that raises questions

Here is an AP story that should answer all questions…


11 Responses

  1. dumb americans. Biggest proof that US has passed its peak and on the downslope

  2. But what if the Bigfoot is French?

  3. WTF!!!!!!!! this is so dumb if there has been more than 1 sighting than how would it be disneys bigfoot

  4. Maybe they sighted the same one! But, if there is more than one, then there would be more sightings sans the one in the bathtub.

  5. is that really bigfoot or is he a person dressd up

  6. Which one? They’re all bigfoot!!!

  7. ALL THESE ARE FAKE!!!!!!!!

  8. Do you really think so? You don’t think that Ms. Clinton named Bigfoot as her running mate or a Lumberjack was kept as a bigfoot loveslave?

  9. these are fake

  10. Outstanding observation. Thank you for enlightening the otherwise ignorant readership.

  11. this is fake

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