Looking For Fay and Finding The United States Emperor Who Dissolved The Republicans and Democrats

Enjoy The “Global Warming” Mid-August Mild Stretch. Louisville Meteorologists are Currently the Maytag Repairmen of Meteorology.

Is Tropical Storm Fay Not Far Away?

(For the latest update on the tropics click the “home” key above or click here.

Spaghetti Track

Spaghetti Track

The latest satellite photo of Tropical Disturbance 92L is at the bottom. The imagery is fairly nice looking. The NHC is probably going to send out a plane to snoop about in the next 24 hours. The spaghetti tracks, that are available with a click on the left, indicate a general WNW movement of the storm with some variations as we move on in time. You can find the forecast track from the United States Naval Laboratory at the

NRL Track 8/12

NRL Track 8/12

right. The 12Z WRF has it developing pretty nicely by 84 hours with a good closed circulation at 850mb NW of Puerto Rico. The progged steering currents seem to indicate that it may move more west at that point and approach the Bahamas. The NOGAPS has it near the Bahamas in 144 hours though not as strong. The 6Z GFS takes a more westerly

Intensity Forecast 8/12

Intensity Forecast 8/12

movement across Cuba and therefore does not advertise good development due to it’s interaction with land. 12 of the 16 models take it above tropical storm strengthth in the next few days with a few making it a hurricane. The boys at the NHC seem somewhat bullish on the prospects of development. Florida and the SE coast could potentially be threatened, though it will be dependent on frontal activity which has been unusually active for this time of year and brought unseasonably nice conditions to Louisville and the rest of the east in recent days. Any boundary lurking along the eastern seaboard would tend to turn the storm northeast. However, some of the models want to slip it underneath any trofiness, which would give the Gulf a chance, though that scenario seems a bit remote to me. Here is the latest discussion from NHC.



On This Date In History:The Democratic and Republican parties in the United States were abolished on this date in 1869 ” because of party strife now existing within our realm.” One could probably make such a declaration today and perhaps you may think it’s a good idea. However, at the time in 1869, the argument surrounded Reconstruction. Joshua Norton as a commodities trader in San Francisco in the mid 19th Century. He apparently lost his memory when his attempt to corner the rice market blew up in is face and he lost everything. On Sept. 17, 1859 decreed himself Emperor Norton I of the United States and Protector of Mexico. After news hit the papers, San Franciscans took a liking to his royal highness and a special chair was set aside for him at the state legislature. He ate for free at fine restaurants across the city. When a man tried to have him committed, a judge dismissed the action citing Norton as “just about the best going in the king line.” Somewhere in San Francisco, a monument in his honor was erected following his death in 1880. Do you think that one of the current presidential candidates would like to cancel the election and declare himself emperor? Here is a summary of the exploits of Emperor Norton I.

Summary of Emperor Norton I of the United States


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