Don’t Worry about the Weather but Should you Worry About The Super Collider and Scud Attacks?

Someone forgot to tell Mother Nature that there is a global warming scare going on and that we are heading into mid August.  The weather will be great through the weekend with warm afternoons and cool nights.  Humidity will be low and sunshine will be plentiful.  This is somewhat rare for this time of year and I suggest that you take advantage of it.

Are We Safe?  The media tends to have a catch and release habit when it comes to stories.  Ever wonder what ever happened to depletion of the ozone layer?  Congress passed some laws and suddenly the media figured that the problem was solved and moved on to something else.  Remember the national security threat after 911?  Well, we are becoming complacent again as people are putting the economy ahead of national security in their decision making process for the upcoming Congressional and Presidential elections. 

Ever since the cold war, there has been a threat of the bad guys delivering a weapon of mass destruction through one of the nation’s ports.  This is a tough issue as one must increase security while at the same time not inhibit commerce.  They’ve been working on that.  They’ve been working on ballistic missle defense but mainly more of the intercontinental variety.  But, what about short range scud missles.  We tend to think of that as a threat from a nearby neighbor as a scud is really just a V-2 rocket from the World War II era.  It goes up and comes down with only a general accuracy but that can be effective if its a WMD.  So, you think we have nothing to worry about since its unlikely something like that would come from Mexico or Canada?  Think again.   Saddam had mobile launchers on trucks.  He could move them about and hide them making hitting them before they were launched difficult.  The risk today is one of these mobile launchers on a ship just outside of US territorial waters.   Here is an opinion piece from the Washington Times that explains the concern.  Perhaps you should contact your Congressman or Senator while they are at home on recess if you are concerned.

Washington Times : Threat of Scud Attacks a Reality

Mark Sept 10 on you calendar. That is the new start up date for the Large Hadron Collider.  That’s the super collider in Europe that had some guy suing (see story) to halt it since he said we’d all be doomed if it started up.  A judge threw that out and now they have set a date for the start up and perhaps, if the plaintiff is right, they have scheduled the end of the world.  I wouldn’t get too worked up.  First off, the plaintiff has spread fear on similar grounds for other projects and was wrong every time.  Second, these guys have been setting and pushing back dates for quite some time now so it’s not a sure thing that they’ll fire up the collider when they say they will anyway.  Here’s the Reuters story:

Reuters:  Supercollider Start-Up


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