Mr. Tomato Head

I'm An Idiot

I'm An Idiot


Sunscreen.  If you’d like some, Snow White will sell you some.  When you buy it please show me how to use it, or force me to recognize that I need it.  I’m kinda hurtin’ right now. Not sure why your skin is red or why it feels hot and hurts?  Click here to find out all about sun-burn and why its not a good thing to let happen to you. When you find all about it, please clue me in because I’m and idiot.

Weather…hmm…here is the SPC Mesoscale Discussion 2041.  Nothing much happened Tuesday night and nothing much will happen on Wednesday night.  We will experience a some very rare mid-August weather over the next few days.  It will make you forget global warming.  Very nice.  It’s always funny…we go through a stretch of unusually hot weather and the global warming enthusiasts come out of the wood work.  Go through a cool stretch, and those voices are suddenly silent.  Truth is, we have cool stretches and we have warm stretches and that is how we get averages.


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