Edouard Pretty Tame; Snow White Begins Her Fame

T’storm Watch Tuesday night seems somewhat precautionary in our area.  MCS out west may induce other stuff late Tuesday night.  I wouldn’t think the severe threat would be minimal at best.  Nonetheless, here is the Mescoscale Discussion (2038) For the region and the thoughts from the SPC

Tropical Storm Edouard:

ed track 0805

ed track 0805

As I thought it might, Edouard wasn’t too tough.  Reports from Houston was that the media hyped up the storm so much that they scared everyone.  SophaGopha called me up and wanted to know if he should “cower in the closet like a girl” or “take my umbrella to work.”   I told him to take the umbrella but to be ready in that everyone else would probably use the storm as an excuse to not show up.  I bet a bunch of his patients cancelled.  He said you could tell that it wasn’t going to be anything when he saw all of the reporters from all of the stations reporting live from the seawall in Galveston and none of the reporter’s hair was even messed up.  He said they kept promising it would get worse.  I told him it was going in east of him and they’d have an offshore flow and perhaps not even any showers in Galveston.   Here is the climate report for the region.  North of Houston in Huntsville they had over 3 inches of rain and I think they got two more after this report was made.   Still think the biggest problem with this could be in the hill country, but the track is so far north that even Austin may miss out on really tough stuff.  I’m concerned that the tv people go so bananas over every chance they get that when its real, people won’t listen. 

Snow White and Me

Snow White and Me

On This Date In History:  While Disney Studios  provide what could be the perfect wedding photo of my bride and I, my Snow White began her tale on this date in history.  Born to a world of such complication and fear, she has since pranced about spreading joy and love and happiness to all creatures great and small who have crossed her path.  She has not only tamed Nit and Wit, she has even managed to make Dopey feel as if he has a place on this planet.  Anyone who has ever met Snow White knows that she is a truely blessed soul.  The Lord was having a good day when he shared her with us on this date in history and every day since.


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