Choose Your Friends Wisely

Bill Sat In the Wrong Chair

The Hickok story is at the bottom. I just like his picture and put it first. The T’storm watches were lame. Funny thing was they issued 788 and the Louisville Weather Office cancelled it early. But, they don’t have jurisdiction in Lawrence, Jennings and Jackson counties. That is Indianapolis’ area. I asked about those and they ignored me. Then the SPC issues another watch that includes Jackon and Jennings until 5 am! At one AM, Indy drops Lawrence from watch 788 and then drops Jackson and Jennings from the second one. In the meantime, strong storms had been moving along from Orange County through Crawford County and they looked pretty menacing. At about 1:07 AM a t’storm warning gets issued for those. So, I ended up manning the radars all night. All of this stuff will move out of the area and the weekend will see temperatures up around 90 but the humidity will be reduced somewhat so it won’t be quite so stifling. Enjoy it. The ridge with the heat and humidity returns for the first part of next week and I bet someone hits the century mark.


On This Date in History: President Warren G. Harding died in San Francisco in 1923. Officially he died of a heart attack but speculation is that he may have been murdered. However, all subsequent investigations have determined that he was not poisoned, as conspiracy theorists suggest. Why would there be a conspiracy? Well, Harding had allowed his Secretary of the Interior to take over from the Navy Department the Teapot Dome oil reserve in Wyoming. The Secretary then allowed for two oilmen to develop the oil field there and another in California. Murmuring began as the Secretary suddenly upgraded his lifestyle. Turns out he had received $400,000 in “gifts” from the two oilmen. The Teapot Dome Scandal was the first huge Federal Government corruption scandal in the 20th century if not in all US history. Many more have followed. When told that his friends may be enriching themselves at the Federal Trough, Harding is said to have exclaimed, “My…friends…they’re the ones that keep me walking the floors nights!” Herbert Hoover urged Harding to publicly expose the scandal but Harding did not in fear of the public uproar. Harding avoided the whole mess and possible impeachment by conveniently dying before the Teapot Dome Scandal really bubbled to the surface.

In 1876, Wild Bill Hickok was shot and killed in Deadwood, South Dakota. It wasn’t in a gunfight though. Hickok was playing cards in Saloon Number 10 with his back to the door. A tinhorn gunman named Jack McCall came in an shot Wild Bill in the back of the head. Legend is that Hickok was holding a pair of black aces and black 8’s. That is now commonly known as the “dead man’s hand” though most of the time the suit is not noted and just aces and eights will suffice for the moniker. Two things have eluded me: One is how does someone named James Butler become “Wild Bill?” The other is why he had his back to the door. Hickok had a storied life as a gunfighter and his reputation made him a target for those wanting to make a name for themselves. So, he typically sat with his back to the wall. I guess on August 2, 1876 he thought he was among friends. Seems Wild Bill and Warren G. needed to be more careful about their friends.


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