UFO Gov’t Cover Up! Virgin Mary Seen In A Drain; Cop’s Close Call with SUV

The Heat is On:  Interesting weekend….Snow White and I are house sitting.  The folks have literally a barnyard of animals, with the dogs spending much of their time indoors.  The air conditioner died the first day we were there.  Then one of the dogs passed away.  Then the hot water heater in my own house went out.  Then my car door opener died.  Then I messed up the forecast after I was absolutely perfect with my illustration of how an MCS would miss us to the west as it moved from St. Louis to Paducah.  I said it would be a quiet night, which it was…then the sun came up and what had been the left flank of the MCS as it expanded re-developed and some people got rain.  I was a bit happier though because it was cooler in the morning so when I was doing grave digging duty, it wasn’t too bad….but don’t expect that to last.  Heat on Tuesday…low to mid 90’s.  We’ll probably be capped so t’storm activity would be slim and none.  

Wednesday, a front sinks down and gives us a chance for t’storms.  There might be something left over for Tuesday but that’s about it.  On Sunday, the models all agreed on a trof over the east bringing down cooler air. That was a change from the previous few days.  Today, they all flopped back the other way and even more dramatically than it had before.  A ridge builds in and for the weekend, our temperatures approach the triple digits.

On This Date In History: I couldn’t find anything worthwhile except that today William Powell’s birthday.  He was born on this date sometime in the 1890s and died in 1984.  I liked him best in Life With Father of which featured a teen-age Martin Milner of Adam-12.   So with nothing better to post, I’ve found some rather interesting stories with video.  The first of which relates to a previous post I had regarding UFO’s!

Apollo 14 veteran Edgar Mitchell says that the government is covering up information about UFO’s.  He says he has no clue as to why Uncle Sam wants to keep the lid on word of intelligent life but I suppose it may have to do with the fact that no such discovery has been found in the halls of Congress.  Here’s the story. I believe there is some video associated with it.

Ed Mitchell: Uncle Same Keeping Mum on UFO’s

Remember those stories about people claiming to see the Virgin Mary in a potato chip or a donut?  Well, a plumber in Salinas, CA was working on a drain while renovating a restaraunt and discovered what he says is an apparition of the Virgin Mary in the bottom of the sink.  The local diocese has not said whether or not they will send a sleuth to investigate the rusty vision nor does the man say why Mary would reveal herself to him in a drain.  Here’s the story, complete with video so you can judge for yourself whether he’s right or if it’s all a clever ruse to keep him from having to scrub the drain.

Man’s Claims Vision of Virgin Mary in drain

So, this cop in Minneapolis pulls over a driver for suspicion of drunken driving.  The officer is investigating when along comes some guy driving an SUV.  WHAM! the SUV slams into the rear of the car. It’s all caught on tape.  The officer survived and maybe got credit for two arrests because, you guessed it, the guy in the SUV was drunk too!  If you are in the Twin Cities, perhaps its safest to stay off the road.  Here’s the story and the video of all the action.

Cop Nearly Smashed by Smashed Driver


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