Typhoon Fung Wong Blows Through Taiwan, Hits China

Typhoon Fung Wong made landfall in Taiwan on Monday morning and by the night it was in China. I tried to find video from Taiwan but it’s all pretty lame. People took video from their hotel rooms. One guy showed water dripping on his side of the glass. The BBC had some pictures of waves on a jetty or sea wall but it was pretty much a yawner. I found one story that talked about people standing in 3 feet of water because they had opened the floodgates at a dam, I suppose out of fear that the dam wouldn’t be able to handle additional rain after they got nailed by Kalmaegi a week or so ago. The Joint Typhoon Warning Center forecast track is to the left. I



have no idea what the black triangle symbols are. And there is a chart with 3 different forecast modeling data. If you recall, I posted yesterday from a site from China called Chinaview in which they said the storm was going into the Philippines. I had speculated that they were calling Taiwan the Philippines since China doesn’t recognize Taiwan, though I wondered about that because, from what I understand, China considers Taiwan part of its territory. I’ve never heard of the Chinese claiming it was part of the Philippines. Well, today’s story about it making landfall on the east coast of China now refers to the initial impact on Taiwan. So maybe I just gave the writer too much credit and the guy was off on his forecast track by 300 miles. If he had checked out these here pages, he would have found the error of his ways. In snooping about I have found that the locals refer to Fengshen as Frank and Fung Wong as Imge. I have no idea what they called Kalmaegi. Anyway, here’s the Chinaview story as well as one from the BBC.


BBC-Fung Wong in Taiwan


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