XM-Sirius Merger; Giant Rabbit and Giant Panda On Prowl; Useless Presidential Cinematic Trivia

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Our Weather Remains Boring: A front quietly sneaked through on Saturday evening. It will lower the humidity a bit and make Sunday afternoon more palatable. Monday we may get an isolated t’storm in the afternoon but I’m not too enthused.

Since the weather is so boring I am feeling a bit silly. I dunno why, but I just felt like looking into the story about giant rabbits. The picture above is real. As it turns out, there is a breed of rabbit known as, funny as it sounds, a German Giant Rabbit. I think that they can get to 20 or 30 pounds. Apparently, its not just found in Germany. Here’s a story of how one went on the rampage last year in England:

Monster Rabbit Stalks UK Village

And here’s the video of a German who loves his rabbit so much, he decided not to eat it.

Giant Rabbit Video-nat sound is in German

Well, if that wasn’t entertaining enough, how about this Giant Panda that last year went after a tourist’s jacket as if the bear is the school-yard bully. I kinda like it. The bear really seems to be into the threads.

Giant Panda Takes What he Wants-Video

Snow White gave me a Sirius Satellite Radio a few years ago for Christmas. I love it but I can’t get Major League Baseball. That is on rival XM radio. Well, the long talked about merger between Sirius and XM cleared the FCC hurdle and will be allowed to go through without too many strings attached. I don’t think there are any anti-trust problems. But, there is one wrinkle that should be interested. A condition of the deal is that they have to sell subscriptions on an a-la-carte basis, which means that you only get the stations that you want to pay for. This is the type of set up the cable companies have been fighting for a long time. It will be interesting to see if the company will be viable with such an arrangement and if stations like Air-America, which has failed on terrestial radio, will go completely the way of the goonie bird if no one subscribes to the service. Here’s the story.

XM-Sirius Merger

And Finally: As you know I often have bits of Presidential history on these here pages. Well, a local blogger, Charles Andrews, has chimed in. He has compiled a couple of lists of worthless trivia that seem to fit in well with the musings on this here blog. I guess he had time on his hands and decided to find out which actors played the role of President the most times and which Presidents had been portrayed in cinema the most times. See if you can name the top 5 in each category before you check out the results of Chaz’s exhaustive research. My favorite is seen at left…who can forget Chuck Heston as Andrew Jackson in The Presidenet’s Lady? Heston also played Jackson…though he was only General Jackson then…in The Buccaneer, with Yul Brynner as Jean LaFitte!

Top 5 Presidential Actors

Top 5 Presidents Portrayed in Cinema


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  1. i heard that they raise these rabbit and eat them while listening to techno they have a site about it


  3. Thank you very much

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