Oprah’s Ghosts, Dolly’s Remains, The Kitchen Debate and They’re Not Sex Toys!

It’s going to be a beautiful day on Thursday in Louisville. Don’t worry about the weather. Highs mid 80’s after lows in the upper 50’s and low 60’s. Rain chances aren’t back until Friday. If you must get find something to worry about, you can check out the national interactive radar (CLICK HERE FOR RADAR) and look at the remnants of Dolly and the rain they are getting in South Texas. The average rainfall in McAllen Texas to this date is something close to 12 inches. McAllen and the surrounding areas may end up with that or more in 24 to 36 hours.

In Alabama, they passed a law restricting the sale of “sex toys” That law was challenged in federal court and the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals took a state’s rights stance and upheld the Alabama law. Apparently there is a provision that medical devices legal. So, one of the plaintiffs has quite cleverly put themselves in compliance with the law by unilaterally declaring that their products for sale are medical devices! But, I don’t think a prescription is required. I’d love to see lawyers for the government prove that the devices are sex toys and not medical devices in open court! Here is a link to the story below.

They aren’t sex toys! They’re Medical Devices-story

On This Date In History: The steamboat Eastside was a steamboat on the Chicago River in the early 20th century that was built with known engineering flaws. But, they used it for ferrying passengers from the city to picnic sites on Lake Michigan. It was designed to hold 650 people. On This Date In 1915, some 7000 employees of the Western Electric Company gathered on the dock between LaSalle and Clark streets to board 5 steamers. Now, in 1913, the Eastland was retrofitted to hold 2500 people, but a naval architect that very same year said that “unless structural defects are remedied to prevent listing, there may be a serious accident.” Nevertheless, the boat remained in service and it is estimated that at least 2500 boarded the vessel and perhaps more. There is suspicion that a large group of the passengers got to one side of the boat to pose for a picture. With the big weight shift, an engineer opened one of the ballast tanks but instead of stablizing the boat, it capsized right along the dock. Some 800 died. The bodies were taken to the Second Regiment Armory.

Today, that building is the home of Harpo Studios and The Oprah Winfrey Show. Some of the employees of the studio have reported encounters in the building and claim that it is haunted by the ghosts(see link for more) of the Eastland disaster! So, if you go to see Oprah you may want to consult the Ghost Busters.

On This Date in 1959 Vice President Richard Nixon hosted an event at the American National Exposition in Moscow. Here is a video of how the newsreels of the day covered it.The previous year, the Soviets and Americans agreed to hold exhibitions in each other’s countries in an attempt to encourage cultural exchange and perhaps better understanding. After the Soviets had theirs in New York, the Americans held theirs and it featured a number of modern appliances and such. Nixon took Soviet Premier Nikita Khrushchev on a tour. As Nixon was showing Khrushchev some new color TVs, the Soviet leader launched into a protest over a resolution recently passed in the US Congress that condemned Soviet “control” over “captive” peoples of Eastern Europe and called on Americans to pray for those people. After that, he dismissed the new technology and sniffed that the Soviets would have all of the same things in a few years. Nixon chastised Khrushchev for being afraid of new ideas and told him, “after all, you don’t know everything.” The exchange escalated with Nikita telling the Vice-President that the only thing he knew was fear of Communism. From that point, they headed into the kitchen of a model home and the debate got even more testy. The exchange became known as the “Kitchen Debate” and is one of the more entertaining but insignificant events of the cold war. However, it does perhaps illustrate the tensions between the two super powers when two of their political leaders turned up the heat in the kitchen.


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