Severe Threat Early Morning July 22

SPC Day One Outlook

For a national interactive for street level capable tracking of storms approaching Louisville or any storms anywhere in the nation CLICK HERE.

We had the remnant of an MCS or an outflow from an MCS come through midday on Monday. That brought a



few storms that were a little bit of a problem but nothing like Sunday night. They put the breaks on the temperatures which had already gotten to the low 90’s by 1 pm. We were well on our way to the upper 90’s. The clouds didn’t get out of the way until late afternoon and we promptly went up close to 90 again. There is plenty of heat and moisture in place to support the maintanance of another MCS that will



move down into our region. They probably will be starting to weaken by the time they get to Louisville but they still may be



kinda rough. Hence, the moderate risk is just to the west and north of Louisville. Tuesday, the front is being real slow so the wave I spoke of yesterday for last night moving along the front on Monday night, probably won’t get here until Tuesday afternoon after a good day of heating. So we may do this again on Tuesday before we get some quieter, drier and less hot conditions for the middle of the week.


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