Severe Threat Monday July 21

We’ll have some relief from the heat but not before a period of transition.  Yesterday there was a little wave that moved through the flow to our northwest.  That prompted the boys at the SPC to issue a Severe T’storm Watch for the northern third of the viewing area.  Big storms in Terre Haute expanded and they just continued to expand as they worked into our region that was part of the watch and then outside of the box as there was just a ton of energy in the form of latent heat from an afternoon of dewpoints near 70 and air temperatures in the upper 90’s.  So, today look for a similar set up.  A boundary will sink close to the area but we will still push to the upper 90’s with relatively high dewpoints. Heat indices will again be in excess of 100 in many locations.  We may see some isolated t’storms during the heat of the day.  But, as we go into the evening and overnight, a wave will move along the boundary close, if not over the area.  That will create a decent lapse rate with the latent heat from the afternoon and perhaps create the potential for not just strong storms, but possibly severe storms.  The activity will be in the area overnight and rain chances will begin to back off by midday.  We get drier and more seasonable conditions for the middle part of the week as a result.  The storms on Sunday night were formidable with numerous trees reported down, some structural damage,  some lightning induced house fires, power lines down, power poles dislodged and even a tornado warning for Crawford county between 11:06 and 11:27.  This type of activity is not out of the question again with wind and lightning being the primary threat.  The following is the SPC Day One Outlook:

Day One Outlook


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