Catfight on the High Seas and In The Pits: Dolly, Cristobal, Danica and Milka

It’s Hurricane Season and for identification purposes, the storms were given names. This practice began back in the 1950’s.  At first it was the code for the alphabet (Able, Baker, Charlie, etc).  Trouble was that you would have the same names for every year.  To prevent confusion, they began using women’s names.  By the late 1970’s, it was becoming increasingly controversial to only have women’s names so they began altering men and women’s names.  These days, the World Meteorological Organization chooses the names and they want to show real diversity, which is why we end up with names like Cristobal, which is the Italian form of Christopher and Georges or Jorge, which is the French and Spanish versions of George.  Well, Indycar has gotten into the act.  For years their sport was dominated by men, who often got into tussles with one another in the pits.  Well, this isn’t exactly the same as AJ Foyt stomping about the pits looking for a fight, but instead, Danica Patrick goes on the prowl in pursuit of one of the only other women on the track.  In this video you will see what happens when the feisty American Danica confronts Venezuelan Milka Duno.   Seems Danica thinks the other woman is a bad driver!   I love the opening credit.

You Tube Video of Cat Fight

Meanwhile, Back in the Tropics….

Cristobal is performing as expected.  At midnight it was off Cape Hatteras and scheduled to move northeast, increasing forward speed as it does so.  It will probably never be anything more than a tropical storm and will head toward Nova Scotia.  A cold front will pick it up and shoot it northeast.  Too bad they never put any windmills off of Massachusetts…would have been a great chance to generate some power.    Cristobal Discussion.

Tropical Storm Dolly never even bothered with being a tropical depression.  It’s had a decent wind-field for the past few days but just no low level circulation to speak of until Sunday afternoon and the second it did, they made it a tropical storm.  Generally, it’s expected to go across the Yucatan and re-emerge over the Southern Gulf of Mexico aka the Bay of Campeche.  When it does, indications are for a strengthening trend.  Model data does not support it becoming a minimal hurricane but it’s not totally out of the question as the upper environment should become more conducive for development.  It will probably run into land though before it makes it to hurricane status.  Most data indicates Northern Mexico or South Texas.  There is nothing to indicate that the ridge steering it would break down enough to turn it farther north, but that possibility, as remote as it is, exists and so the cone goes all the way up to Corpus Christi.  Dolly Discussion


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