Bertha to Iceland, Kalmaegi in China, Cristobal off US? UFOs Over White House? Hello Dolly?

Tropical Update: Our weather is so lame I thought that I’d talk about the tropics which are much more interesting. First pic is the track for Bertha which became a hurricane again. I kept saying it was going to England. My bad…it’s going to Iceland! That’s even better. Kalmaegi is going to cause havoc on the China coast. Our Japanese Allies will be safe. Then there is the guy off the SE coast. I think I suggested that it would develop and it is now the 3rd Tropical Depression of the season. The forecast has it moving along the coast and becoming a tropical storm. Funny thing was, I saw a national cable weather outlet say that the recon couldn’t find any low level circulation. Then they went and reported surface winds were “definitely” counter clockwise. Hmmm. Anyway, then there is the guy I’m much more interested in that is now moving into the central Caribbean. The models still don’t pick it up but it’s there and it’s worth watching. If it does develop and move toward the gulf…watch oil prices jump. If it becomes named, it would be Dolly, presuming that Cristobal forms off the SE coast.

Our weather continues to be:

Should be good for a morning building implosion. The air quality alerts have largely not verified, by the way. Otherwise, the forecast is on track. Hot, getting more humid. Isolated stuff Sunday. Better chances next week.

On This Date In History: On this date in 1952, we had spies at the White House. Or more to the point, over the White House. At nearby Andrews Air Force Base, radar operators noted seven blips that were said to “loaf along” at between 100 and 130 mph. Then they accelerated to an unheard of 7200 mph. Washington National Airport radar operators made the same observations. Airline pilots reported lights in the sky but when USAF jets were scrambled to intercept, they had disappeared. The official explanation? The old temperature inversion trick! Uhh….temperature inversions don’t appear as blips and don’t race around. Experienced air traffic controllers disputed the official version. On July 26 a similar incident occurred and an interceptor jet couldn’t even get close to the objects. Also, amber lights were seen, including over Florida’s Guided Missile Long-Range Proving Ground. The Air Force conducted its “largest and longest” press conference since WWII to tell everyone it was just weather phenomena. No, President Clinton did not conduct that press conference.

By the way, the photo associated with This Date In History is supposedly from a recent photo and this website claims there have been “blip” incidents recently during which President Bush and Vice-President Cheney have been hustled to the underground bunker.


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