Wrong Way To Get A Parade; Led Zeppelin and Tropics Update

The Song Remains The Same It’s the old Led Zeppelin Forecast. Humidity levels should begin to increase some as we progress through the weekend. Otherwise, it’s the same thing. Highs at the airport will be around 94 or 95 but where you live probably more like 91 or so. There may still be an isolated afternoon t’storm on Sunday but we get more activity, at least on a scattered basis as we go to the first few days of the week ahead as a weak front tries to move in but it will generally wash out and go on the retreat, putting us back into the same pattern again for the latter part of next week.

On The Led Zeppelin Reunion Update: Seems that Robert Plant is holding up a big anticipated reunion tour as he has decided to extend his current trip with some bluegrass band. He must be having too much fun.

Tropical Disturbance: I’m tired of Bertha. It’s going to head northeast and turn extra-tropical but will still be fairly formidable. I still wouldn’t be surprised if it affected England or some other part of Europe. As for the disturbance in the Western Caribbean. It’s still pretty far south near 12.5 or 13 North Latitude. The Hurricane Hunter keeps finding a large broad circulation but nothing to pinpoint. So, it’s not a depression. But, you can see from the map from the boys at the Naval Research Laboratory that the general track is slightly north of west, which puts it more over open water and will allow Coriolis forces to perhaps get involved and get a better circulation. The models really don’t do much with it…you can make an argument that the Navy’s NOGAPS takes it into the Bay of Campeche after crossing Central America and Mexico. In short, there is absolutely no evidence that this will develop. However, in these situations, the computers are often confused and so as this guy moves along, don’t be surprised to at least get a depression and then if it gets some good upper support…a hat if you will…maybe something to look at … by then the models will figure out where it is. That’s a lot of ifs and buts.

Headed the Wrong Way Into History: Douglas Corrigan was an experienced pilot in the 1930’s. He in 1927 worked for the company that built Charles Lindbergh’s Spirit of St. Louis. He worked on the installation of the gas tanks, the wings and instrument panel. In 1935, he had aspirations of flying across the ocean too but was denied permission to make a transatlantic flight because authorities said his plane wasn’t airworthy for such an adventure. Nevertheless, he was cleared to fly across the country. So, he got into his somewhat dilapidated single engine airplane and took off from New York to head home to California. But, he claimed that he got lost in the clouds and his compass was stuck. Instead of going west, he went east and crossed the Atlantic On This Date in 1938. He became an international sensation and earned the moniker “Wrong Way Corrigan.” He even got a ticker-tape parade in New York in which 1 million people lined the parade route.

Corrigan stuck to his story until his death in 1995. Lost in the hoopla was the fact that it was still a very courageous and dangerous feat to fly solo across the Atlantic. Since “Wrong Way” stuck to his story and got a parade. I wonder if Roger Clemens and Barry Bonds are expecting the same treatment.


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