Another “I Told You So”; AP Officially No Longer About News

I’ve referred to the post that I had about the AP guy did with the polar ice melt story
and how the writer editorialized instead of just writing the story. How he shaped the story to fit his worldview instead of just telling the truth. Well, now it’s official. The Associated Press is no longer interested in just bringing you the news. No, the new man in charge claims that it’s “accountability journalism.” In my class, it would be a failing grade. What he is having his people do is try to opinion pieces and mix it in with reporting and what you end up with is a biased piece of fiction with enough fact entwined that it can be mistaken for truth. Sorta like propaganda. Well, at least these guys are admitting it now instead of hiding behind some sanctimonious curtain. Here’s the story.

Is Fournier Saving or Destroying the AP

I’ve got a bit of a clinker in the furnace so I’ll get back to this date in history later. My guess is that by the time I do, our weather will not have changed with the airport being 5 or 6 degrees hotter than the rest of the area but that will be the official number and Louisville will magically be warming rapidly when in fact they just moved the thermometer. Bertha will be gradually be turning extra tropical and moving ESE and there will be a tropical depression in the eastern Caribbean that could be Christobal (I’ll worry about spelling when it becomes a storm) if it can get far enough north to let the Coriolis parameter do its thing and get a tighter closed circulation. Until then….read your local AP story and try to separate fact, fiction and opinion.


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