How To Find Polar Ice and How Not To Be A Lawyer

For the Louisville weather: See yesterday.

For a report on Bertha: See yesterday. Bertha now holds the record as the longest lived July Tropical Storm in recorded history. Big deal, unless you want to try and take 2 + 2 and get five by claiming it’s global warming.

The above is supposedly the first photo from Phoenix. It looks just like my garden. Maybe it is? Didn’t you see Capricorn One starring OJ and Richard Crenna? You didn’t. Don’t feel bad….most other people didn’t see it either. I went with Steve Stinson and Paul Bailey in high school.

Speaking of Global Warming…There are those who claim we won’t have ice on our polar regions much longer, but Mars seems to have managed to have a polar ice cap. The Mars Rover Phoenix has been digging around in the ice on Mars but hasn’t been able to get enough stuff to properly analyze so the NASA guys at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory near the Rose Bowl have ordered it to dump out its shovel and start over again. Maybe we should have NASA send a rocket to the North Pole to find the ice up there that is supposed to be missing. Here’s the latest from NASA.

Here is a kinda cool site with a whole mess of images from Mars Odyssey Mission. You’ll need to do some clicking but there are plenty of pictures to keep you busy.

Mars Odyssey Mission Photos

Mars Rover Phoenix Extending Trench

Meanwhile, the NASA folks are working on a new rocket to go to the moon. I’m not sure what was the matter with the Saturn V. I mean, it worked. I know they probably want a more powerful and efficient engine, but what is more efficient than using what’s on the shelf? They can explain it for themselves, provided the AP writer doesn’t add in, omit or disregard the facts like the AP guy did with the polar ice melt story.

New Moon Rocket Development

On This Date In History: HOW NOT TO MAKE YOUR LEGAL CASE Clement Vallandigham was a member of Congress from Ohio prior to the Civil War. He was against slavery but also was for the Constitution as he saw it, he with the “states rights” argument made by the South and also agreed that it was A-Okay for any state to secede whenever it wanted. After the war began, he lost his Congressional seat but he kept up his rants. General Ambrose Burnside (of sideburn fame) issued General Order Number 38 which declared an intolerance to the “habit of declaring sympathies for the enemy” with the district of Ohio. Vallandigham in 1863 made a speech claiming that the war was not being fought to save the Union but instead was being fought to “free the black man and enslave the white.” That didn’t sit well with the authorities and he was arrested. The photo above is supposedly of his arrest, though it’s unclear whether or not he was taken into custody in his skivvies. I suspect that is a political statement by the artist. Long johns or not, eventually, President Lincoln had him banished to the Confederacy.

After the war, he returned to Ohio and became a successful lawyer. Obviously, being successful doesn’t require a lot smarts. On This Date in 1871, Vallandigham was preparing a clever defense for a murder suspect, He was planning on showing in open court how the victim could have possibly shot himself with his own gun, accidentally. While he strategized, the hours of his days on earth dwindled. Because on the very next day, old Clement was demonstrating to some colleagues what he was going to do in court the next day. He went to presumably empty pistol from atop a dresser and pressed it to his chest. He discharged the weapon. To his great surprise, he grabbed the wrong gun. See, the other gun on the dresser was the empty one. Vallandigham exclaimed “my God, I’ve shot myself!” and down he went to the floor.

The ploy may have paid off even though the jury didn’t get to see the dramatic demonstration. The suspect was acquitted of the murder charge.


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