A New American Export and South Carolina Is Not So Gay Afterall

American Exports Still Strong: In these days of economic woe, it’s good to hear some good news regarding exports. It seems that Americans out west have been taking nudism to new heights, literally. It is now in vogue to rock climb in the buff. It will give you a new reason to bring your binoculars next time you visit a National Park. Well, the London Telegraph tells us that naked climbing is coming to England. They sent us the Beatles and we sent them naked climbers! Here’s the story:

Nude Climbing Exports

South Carolinians not happy about ad campaign: Apparently the department of tourism decided it was a good idea to advertise overseas to try to capture foreign travelers dollars. Instead of using an American firm, the farmed out the project to a bunch of Australians. The Aussies wanted to capitalize on London’s Gay Pride Week. So, they started a campaign in London that trumpeted “South Carolina is So Gay.” They touted the gay beaches….whatever that is…and Civil War Battlefields, among other things. Well, those in the Palmetto State are not happy and they have immediately stopped the ad campaign. I guess this proves that “gay” and “happy” are no longer synonymous. Here’s the story:

South Carolina Ad Campaign Yanked


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