Storm Threat Saturday Looks A Lot Like Last Tuesday

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I’ve been suggesting all week that Saturday will probably be similar to what we had on Tuesday. If you compare the SPC severe outlook from Tuesday to Saturday you will see a similar outcome. The outlook area is not as elongated and somewhat closer to us but is generally the same. The front will be dropping our way during the daytime heating hours and so the areas to our northwest will be more likely to get some strong storms. However, just like last Tuesday, it will be a hot and humid day in our area and there will be a lot of potential energy that will have the ability to support on-going t’storms that move into our area. There will not be much in the way of dynamics to initiate big storms, though afternoon heating may allow for air-mass type stuff late in the day and if the lapse rates are decent with the afternoon heat, some of those afternoon storms may pulse from time to time and get a little out of hand. Bottom line is that as the front approaches on Saturday evening, the rain chances will go up with some thunderstorms likely. There will be a possibility that storms may be strong. If you have outdoor plans and in the late afternoon or evening you encounter a t’storm, give it some props. Lightning should be a concern and windy conditions may come about due to down drafts, particularly later should the storms collapse over our area. Keep a sharp eye if you are out on the water.


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