Impeach the Vice President!! Hurricane Bertha Set To Waffle

Our weather remains on track. Friday will be fine…a little hotter and a little more humid. Then Saturday a front approaches and the day has the potential to be very similar to Tuesday with hot and humid conditions with perhaps something going on late in the day and the night. For details see the previous post or wait until later on Friday for an update.

Hurricane Bertha: The storm has gone through an eyewall replacement cycle which typically disperses the energy and the winds decreased. Eyewall replacement cycles are associated with pretty healthy tropical cyclones and the satellite imagery looks pretty good. It is not out of the question for this guy to kick it up a notch or two as it still has a little real-estate left with some decent water temperatures. However, as it gets up to even with Bermuda, it will get over cooler water and from that point it should start to lose some steam. The official forecast doesn’t have it moving so quickly to the northeast but is also not taking it farther to the northwest into the Canadian Maritimes as some models previously suggested. The forecast takes it to the east of Bermuda, though something a little closer to the island may pan out if a couple of the models are correct.

Either way, the island will get gusty winds and good waves with some passing squalls. After that, the NHC is calling for ridge to build to the north of the storm which would block its movement north or northeast. They are suggesting that it will kinda meander about. But, I’ve still seen modeling data that still wants to take it closer to the main coast than the current NHC forecast. Given that they are talking about a ridge to the north, I’m uncertain why they are pooh-poohing the suggestion that it would go northwest…except…the coriolis force is pretty tough that far north and so I’m suspecting that the thinking is that the ridge will not be sufficient to go against that force, but simply enough to keep it in a sorta no mans land for a while.

On This Date In History: In recent years, we have heard the “I” word tossed about rather liberally. That word is impeach.

President Andrew Johnson was impeached but was not convicted by one vote. President Clinton was impeached but also avoided removal from office as the Senate did not vote for conviction. Today, we hear from those who want to impeach the current president or Vice-President Dick Cheney. These calls come from alleged malfeasance. But on this date in 1804, there is no doubt about it…the Vice-President of the United States gunned down Revolutionary War hero Alexander Hamilton.

Hamilton had been an aide-de-camp of Washington during the war and later led a crucial attack at the Battle of Yorktown. He became the first Secretary of the Treasury and served in that capacity for 6 years before retiring. He then formed the Federalist Party, the first political party in America. He detested Thomas Jefferson and the two developed what became known as Hamiltonian ideals and Jeffersonian ideals. Basically, Hamilton wanted a strong central government and Jefferson was for a weak central government with most of the power belonging to the states. Today, Jefferson must be spinning in his grave.

Anyway, in 1804, Burr was the sitting Vice-President under Jefferson and Hamilton had made some unsavory remarks about Burr, who responded with a challenge to a duel! Hamilton had been famous for dueling but had ironically pushed to outlaw the practice in New York. So, Hamilton and Burr went across the river to New Jersey. On this date in 1804, two shots rang out in Weehawken, New Jersey. Hamilton lay mortally wounded. There is great speculation regarding the incident as many suggest that Hamilton missed on purpose as he was a veteran duelist and a good shot. But there were procedures if one was to desire to not shoot one’s opponent. Hamilton did not follow the procedures. Witnesses could not determine who fired first. But what did happen, is that Burr was forced to stay out of New York for the remainder of his term as murder charges were filed. He is now left to nothing more as a footnote to history. Alexander Hamilton, on the other hand, has lived in immortality as the face of the ten dollar bill.

Henry Clay in 1809 was in a Kentucky duel. He was lucky. Both he and his opponent were lousy shots.

While Dick Cheney did in fact shoot his friend with a shotgun blast, the calls for his impeachment have nothing to do with his shooting prowess.

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