Exxon To Go Out of Business? Severe Threat On Track; Phony Tornado Footage

As I outlined and suspected would happen, the SPC has put a slight risk to our northwest for Saturday. You may note that this outline is extremely similar to what we had for Tuesday and the situation is almost identical. That doesn’t mean that specifically we will get the exact same weather, but it does mean that our call for similar conditions is being echoed by the boys at the Storm Prediction Center. A front will be moving through the plains during the heating of the day. That will be where the best chances for severe thunderstorms will reside. We really don’t have much in the way of dynamics to support severe storms so any activity will probably have to be initiated to our west and move through. We may see some late day air mass induced t’storms. Any storms that develop or move in will have a lot of potential energy on which to maintain themselves even after the sun goes down. So, we may have some pretty good storms in the region and certainly a good chance for rain.

Exxon Mobil Set to Close up Shop? Exxon-Mobil has been in the news for record profits and such. There has also been a clamoring for more exploration in order to increase the oil supply. I have read that opponents to drilling in ANWR claim that the oil gets exported and so the US would not benefit from drilling in ANWR. Don’t believe everything you read. As part of the deal in 1973 to build the Trans-Alaska Pipeline, Congress mandated that none of the oil be exported. By 1995, the combination of Alaska oil and California production there was an oil glut on the west coast. The Clinton Administration supported a modification of the law and Congress voted by a wide margin to allow for some exports. The amount exported was in the single digit percentage. Here is a report. Some have tried to use the export potential as a reason to oppose ANWR. Here’s an article from the Seattle Times in 2005 that is fairly even handed.

Anyway…so how can this add up to Exxon-Mobil going out of existence? This guy claims that Exxon is decreasing its oil production, saving up cash and buying back it’s shares and therefore he submits he thinks that Exxon is going to either go private or is working toward self-liquidating by eventually distributing all of its assets in the form of dividends to the shareholders. Trouble is, companies buy back shares all the time and Exxon for years has had a ton of cash on hand. Further, the decrease in production may be indicative of their need to find new reserves and nothing more. I think it’s far fetched but here is the lengthy opinion. It is interesting.

Is Exxon-Mobil’s Future Running Dry?

Fake Tornado Footage? It seems that the networks, and by association I (we), got snookered recently.  Last Sunday, I showed video of a tornado that was forming near Valentine, NE.  It was so cool, Jay showed it again on Monday.  As it turns out, if was footage taken from 4 years ago that had been doctored.  So, it really wasn’t a fake tornado, just it was re-racked footage.  Why would someone do this? Money.  Networks pay for stuff like this.  The AP apparently then, in turn, took the footage and sold it to other customers.  I can’t show you the video because it’s been pulled…maybe you can find it. But here’s the story.

Tornado Footage Fixed


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