Global Warming Causes Delusional Behavior? Bertha’s Hurricane Behaviour

There are those who claim that proponents of anthropogenic global warming are lunatics. The word lunatic has actually become a catch all phrase for anything from people with wild ideas, to those who disagree with us to those who are actually mentally ill. It actually arises from early times when it was thought that mental illness had something to do with the phases of the moon, thus the latin root usage of luna.

It would seem now that researchers have in fact found a psychiatric condition related to global warming though it is not for the proponents but instead for some who may have developed a deep seeded fear of the phenomenon that is so widely talked about in the press and other media. Here is a story about it from the Melbourne HeraldSun, the actual article and a commentary. You can make of it what you will.

However, I will say that if this condition is true for this young man, then it would be evidence that perhaps there needs to be more responsible reporting and discussion on the topic and stop the hyped up stories and just give the facts without scaring people literally out of their minds.

Melbourne Herald Sun-Doomed to a Fatal Delusion over Climate Change

Australian and New Zealand Journal of Psychiatry report cited by HeraldSun

Commentary From related science blog Regarding Report

Bertha Shows Some Resilience:

Hurricane Bertha, as I noted yesterday was looking pretty good on the late satellite photo…certainly better than 24 hours earlier. I suggested that perhaps it would get a little stronger and, indeed, it has as it moved back over some warmer water. The forecast suggests that it will still have some warm water to work with but the forecasters feel that as it turns north, it will get into some more upper shear that will displace and disrupt the upper support enough that it begins to erode again. They still have it taking a more northeasterly course at the end but…there are a few models out there that I have seen that continue to suggest it moves more northwest off the Maine Coast before going inland in the coastal regions of the Canadian Maritime area. One such model does an interesting thing as it kinda pinwheels around an upper low. If this were to come true, and there is nothing in the official forecast that even suggests it, then it would produce some news headlines, I’m sure. What is not certain is what Bertha’s whereabouts will be after 72 hours though it still should largely be a problem for maritime interests.


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