Rebirth of Dara Torres and Decline of Bertha

For a US interactive radar that allows for you to zoom in to street level and get analysis of any storms anywhere across the country, Click Here. For Louisville weather, look to the bottom of this post.

I suspect that Bertha is heading toward the graveyard. Bertha popped up to a Cat 3 which caused a flurry of activity in the nation’s newsrooms…never mind that it wasn’t ever forecast to affect the US. It’s part of the hysteria. I even saw a couple of bloggers claim that oil prices would go up even though there are not petroleum interests in the region of the storm’s path. Such nonsense. You can see from the satellite image that I borrowed from the US Navy’s Naval Research Laboratory that the eye has disappeared, the western flank is eroding and the National Hurricane Center indicates that dry air may be getting into the eyewall. I had told you about the sea surface temperatures and the NHC says that recent weakening may be attributed not only to the shearing that they were forecasting, but also cooler water. As they say, the environment is getting hostile to Bertha. When you see an eroding like this, it’s tough for it to get back to a position of strength when there is nothing to indicate a real good environment ahead. My guess is that this guy has seen its best days.

Dara Torres and the questions. Look at what sports such as Major League Baseball and the Tour de France and track and field done. Here is a story of a woman who improbably at the age of 41 make a comeback and beat swimmers half her age. And now, the question of Dara Torres and steroids or other performance enhancers has arisen. To be fair, Mark Spitz couldn’t do it and this woman has come back from numerous surgeries, a 6 year lay off and the birth of a child to return to the top of the heep. How did she do it? We used to accept hard work…the old American ethic. And why not? George Foreman came back after years of inactivity to become the World Heavyweight Champion at an advanced age. He was celebrated and went on to sell lots of grills. But today, questions arise. This woman has not only been tested, she’s done so at her request. Baseball players had to be forced but this woman begs to prove her innocence. It’s too bad we have come to a point that potential great stories of people who overcome the odds are put under the microscope and suspicion arises for her achievement alone. Here is an article from former Louisville Courier-Journal columnist Pat Forde who now writes for ESPN:

Pat Forde Article

The story is about the same. Yes, the Slight Risk is near us but that is generally a wide expanse to compensate for any potential that storms stay going overnight. They probably won’t. The front is pokey and won’t come through here until midday or early afternoon on Wednesday. This means our best chances for rain will be Tuesday night through Wednesday midday. The front will be past us by the heating of the day. As usual though, we will monitor the situation for any hiccups.


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