California Wildfires In Pictures; Hoover or Boulder?

Click Here for a National Interactive Radar that you can use to zoom in to street level, track and see analysis for any part of the country.

The above is the July 6th version of the severe outlook for Tuesday July 8.

Our weather looks pretty good to start the week. An upper disturbance will wander through the flow across the lower Great Lakes and an appendage of instability may be far enough southto work with afternoon heating to kick off a few Monday afternoon isolated t’storms. If they do go, they’ll most likely be confined to the northern half of the viewing area. Tuesday night a front will slowly plod our way and rain chances will go up accordingly. Note the severe threat is well to our northwest where the boundary will be moving during the heat of the day. There may be some late day renegade t’storms but primarily the threat will be for Tuesday night into Wednesday morning. We should see improvement by Wednesday afternoon that will translate to a good Thursday. The front comes back as a warm front Friday morning marking the return of heat and humidity for much of the weekend. Another front comes down for late Sunday…or so it seems right now.

California Wild Fires: The map to the left is for Tuesday afternoon and evening. In our area you see rain moving with a cold front that doesn’t have great prospects for severe weather but will have the potential to bring some decent rain. Out west though, you see the way the contour lines are oriented is for a general offshore flow, which means dry and hot air coming down out of the mountains. Not really a Santa Anna wind which typically comes from the southwest but the end result is the same. No real help in the near term.

Here is a slide show from KTAR which is in the Phoenix area. I suppose since that region has numerous links to California that they decided to enhance their coverage. I’m not sure how long this link will be good, but I would think that it would be good for the near term. It has well over 100 shots.

California Wildfires Slide Show KTAR

Here is a slideshow from the NYTimes. Not as many shots but they have an artistic edge to them.

NYTimes California Wildfire Slide Show

Here are some more from the Big Sur Fire.

NYTimes Big Sur Wildfire Slide Show

On This Date In History: This is a tale filled with politics so it’s confusing. Back in 1902, Arthur Powell Davis, an engineer with the Bureau of Reclamation, came up with an idea for a dam along the Colorado River at a place called Boulder Canyon. Herbert Hoover, an engineer by education himself, was Secretary of Commerce in 1921 and he made it a priority to support a high dam at Boulder Canyon. Plans were set for the project to be begun in 1922. Well, there was Congress to contend with and water rights and states rights…lots of politicians. So the project didn’t get started until This Date in 1930. By that time, coincidentally, Herbert Hoover was the 31st President. It was also the beginning of the Great Depression and Hoover wanted to be re-elected. While work started on July 7, the official ceremony commemorating the beginning wasn’t until September when Hoover’s Secretary of the Interior, Ray Wilbur, declared the project would be known as the Hoover Dam. It was appropriate since Hoover had been instrumental over the years in getting the project going. But, Hoover also wanted the project to bear his name to remind people of all the jobs he had created. It didn’t work. Hoover lost badly to Franklin D. Roosevelt.

As the project was getting started, it was determined that geologically it was better suited down the river in Black Canyon. Nevertheless, it was still called the Boulder Canyon Project and on May 8, 1933, Secretary of the Interior Harold Ickes(father of the current Democrat politician with the same name) declared that the name of the project would no longer be known as Hoover Dam, but instead Boulder Dam. FDR had been in office for a few months and erasing any mention of Hoover perhaps was high on the priority list of helping the US to be fearless against “fear itself.” This of course even though the dam was being built in Black Canyon. In 1947, President Harry Truman signed a resolution of the Congress changing the name back to Hoover Dam….but the town built for all of the workers is still Boulder City. When I was a kid we stayed in a motel in Boulder City that looked like it was from the set of National Lampoon’s Vacation. Christie Brinkley didn’t show up though.

Here’s a link to all sorts of stuff about Hoover Dam including a bunch of photos from the 1930’s. Notice that it is called the Boulder Dam Project..AKA Hoover Dam. There are some things of which some people will not let go, Congressional resolution and Presidential signature or not!


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