California Wildfires; Popular Cars-Leave The Lincoln At Home

Let’s start off with weather shall we? Really nothing new. Hope you enjoyed Tuesday’s great weather. Told you not to worry. Snow White and I sculled a bit in the evening. I’ve managed to rub holes in the back of my legs from them rubbing on the tracks upon which the seat moves. I bled all over the boat last week. While the river was nice…save for some liquored up rowdies in their speed boats…the holes in my legs are not really fixed yet. Need more padding.

Anyway, the wind was calm as high pressure roamed overhead. As it drifts to the east, our winds pick up from the south and humidity slowly increases. Wednesday we will push to near 90. Now, the moisture return is not all that strong or fast and so when a front approaches late Thursday, it may be a bit moisture starved. That is one reason the boys at the SPC aren’t too enthused about severe chances around here. There’s a big area to our west and northwest on Wednesday but Thursday it gets shunted to the northeast of here from say Cincy to New York. I’ll post the new maps later on Wednesday. After that, the front gets hung up just to our south and so rain chances will be fairly healthy Friday and Saturday. Hopefully, they will avoid the area for fireworks. It wouldn’t be very un-patriotic of them to do otherwise.

A big fat high is in the west and what it does is has a flow that rotates clockwise around and goes west as it heads toward the coast. The wind comes from the dry desert southwest and down out of the Sierra and coastal range. The result is an offshore wind that is hot and dry. They call it Santa Anna Winds. Perhaps it comes from the revenge of Santa Anna for his disasterous reign (11 times) that resulted in the US gaining possession of much of the west and soutwestern states. Anyway, they’re having a terrible time with the fires. Governor Arnold has called out the National Guard and President Bush has declared a state of emergency. Here are some stories that you may not have seen before. One is from NASA with some cool photos from space and another is from the state of California that gives excact locations and specifics about each fire in an interactive map.




High Gas Prices Cause People to Buy More Food

Higher gas prices are forcing people to change their habits to make ends meet. Cut back on beer consumption? Haven’t read about that. Quit Smoking? Nah. But we are reducing the trips to the restaurant and increasing the trips to the grocery store. Here’s the story:

Increased Food Buying Due to High Gas Prices

Speaking of Gas Prices….one would think that the hardest to get car would be the Toyota Prius. They can’t build them fast enough. But the second most difficult car to get because demand is outstripped supply? You won’t believe it, though it may suggest that the high gas prices aren’t hurting everyone just yet.

Hardest to get cars

LEAVE THIS LINCOLN AT HOME!! On This Date in History:President James A. Garfield was shot in a train station by Charles Guiteau on July 2, 1881. Guiteau had wanted a political appointment and didn’t get what he wanted so he shot the President. I did a report on Garfield in 5th grade so I know a little about this. One story claims that the bullet nicked an artery and that eventually killed him 11 weeks later. The bullet was lodged in his body and another story says that if they had left it alone, he would have lived. Both stories allude to the doctors ignoring the research of Louie Pasteur who had brought to light the idea of bacteria. Garfield’s doctors were skeptical and so they didn’t bother washing their hands nor the instruments. They poked dirty fingers into the hole in his body looking for the bullet. Alexander Graham Bell was summoned to try to locate the bullet with some gizmo. But, all of that poking and prodding with unsterile hands and instruments probably brought about the President’s demise, just 6 months into his term. Or…

It could have been the presence of one man who brought the doom. Robert Todd Lincoln was Abraham Lincoln’s oldest son. While he was not present in Ford’s Theatre when John Wilkes Booth fired the fateful bullet, he was at the 16th President’s bedside when he died. In the train station with Garfield was Robert Todd Lincoln. Twenty years later, President McKinley was at the Pan-American Exposition in Buffalo, New York on September 6, 1901. Presidential invitation in hand, Robert Todd Lincoln entered the exposition hall only to hear two shots ring out. The President had been assassinated. Robert Todd Lincoln became a recluse for the remainder of his life lamenting that “there is a certain fatality about presidential functions when I am present.” Well…that followed him even in death. Robert Lincoln’s grave can be found in Arlington National Cemetery…just a few yards from that of John Fitzgerald Kennedy.


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  1. I was reading your article about the doomsday suit and it got me freaking out over it..So I took the liberty to look up some resarch on this and what I found was that i don’t think the earth gonna end

    this should provide alot of details why

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