Doomsday Super-Collider Lawsuit, First Bikini Swimsuit and Jawboning Grover


Previously, I have posted articles (June23June 29)about the Super-Collider in France and Switzerland. Biggest thing in the world. Some 17 miles around with super-cooled magnets that will whisk protons around it’s circumference at unheard of speeds in an effort to uncover mysteries of the sub-atomic world. The US had a similar project near Waxahaxie Texas and they canceled after construction was begun. I thought that was the end of that when ,in fact, we have put in over $500 million into the European project. Based in part on the US participation, this guy in Hawaii filed a lawsuit saying that it could produce a black hole, among other things. As it turns out, this guy has made these claims before about other super-colliders and he was wrong. Either this guy is a nut or he is like the little boy who cried wolf. Perhaps he will be like the young lad and after a couple of times when he shouts the warning and nothing happens, the third time when he warns of danger and no one listens, he would be right. Just in case…have a good summer. It may be your last. Scheduled start up is in August. Here’s the NY Times story on the lawsuit.

NYTimes “Government Seeks Dismissal of End-of-World Suit Against Collider”

Coincidentally, on this date in history, on July 1, 1946 the US completed its first atomic blast on the Bikini Atoll islands in the Pacific. Like the doomsday predictions concerning the collider, there were doomsday predictions concerning what to that time was one of the largest nuclear devices ever exploded. Around that time, French couturier Jacques Heim had brought the what was dubbed as the world’s smallest swimsuit to the masses. In France, amid rumors that the superbomb would bring the end of time, hostesses began throwing “Bikini Parties” and the two piece suit got its name. The bikini became popular in Europe but was frowned on in the US where no suits were manufactured until 1959. At one time, Webster’s Third New International Dictionary derived the name of the suit “from the comparison of the effects wrought by a scantily clad woman to the effects of an atomic bomb.” Yes indeed the effects of the bikini are known to create quite a lot of heat in some circles. We won’t go into the derivation of the term “bikini whale” made popular by the B-52s…I’ll leave that to your imagination in the privacy of your own home.

The photo accompanying this story of of Micheline Bernardini modeling the first bikini in 1946. WOW…that certainly must have caused a stir in many a household in the good old USA. Even by today’s standards, what standards are left, that would turn a few heads.

Grover Cleveland Returns! On This date in 1893, President Grover Cleveland pulled off one of the biggest cover-ups in Presidential History. The cigar chomping President was found to have cancer of the jaw. He created a cover story that he was going on a summer vacation at his summer home. But really, he was on board his friends yacht, the Oneida, anchored in the East River in New York having part of his jaw removed. So secret was the surgery, not even his pregnant wife was told…you remember…the wife we spoke of in another post(see June 2 “Big Daddy Grover”) that I surmised called him Uncle Grover? Anyway, members of the cabinet and even the Vice-President was not told of the risky surgery. The public did not know that their President had been treated for cancer until 1917…Nine years following his death. Not only could Grover woo the little girl whom he was charged with caring for by his dead friend, he also knew how to keep a secret. Grover Cleveland stories just never stop(See June 8). Here is a link to a list of his maladies…one of which was drinking beer…that entry is pretty funny. Apparently, when he ran for district attorney in Erie County, NY he pounded beers every night with his opponent. I’m tellin’ ya…this guy makes President Clinton’s foibles look tame in comparison.

Grover Cleveland Maladies

WHAT ABOUT THE WEATHER? Don’t worry about it for now…but know that we go down hill just in time for the Fourth of July. Monday came as advertised…clouds with showers first half of day…partly cloudy afternoon. Tuesday is great, Wednesday warmer but still great. Cool for Tuesday and Wednesday mornings so you can turn off the AC and save money for gas. A front approaches late Thursday. Rain/t’storms likely. Friday, the front stalls just to our south as a shortwave(upper low) moves across the boundary increasing the likelihood of rain and t’storms. Saturday, another guy moves through increasing the chance again. Once it moves by late Saturday, it should energize the front an move it south. There is a chance that the front moves south Friday morning and doesn’t return with the shortwave until after fireworks…keep your fingers crossed. I like the Fourth of July. I’m supposed to be in the Jeffersonville Indiana Fourth of July Parade. I’m practicing my wave.

Here’s what the SPC has to say about it, and it’s not much. They’re uncertain so they keep it short . Day 5 is Friday and Day 6 is Saturday:



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