Severe Threat Saturday June 28 as of 2 AM

There is quite a bit of uncertainty in exactly where the concentration of the threat will be. It’s 2:30 AM and I’m a bit bleary eyed. A quick look at many of the models and there is a hodgepodge. The GFS appears to want to blow up an MCS that comes right over us. Another takes one to the southwest. If you read the following link to the discussion for the above SPC graphics, you will find that they have pretty much thrown up their hands as well. I’m going home to Snow White now. Will be back later on Saturday. My guess is that we will probably have another round of mainly severe storm warnings with gusty winds. A lot may be dependent on how the clouds from the Friday night MCS move out. Had a few complaints because we stayed on for the full 20 minutes of the tornado warning in Orange County. Hey, that’s what we do. We feel like that everyone deserves the same respect when it comes to tornadoes and safety. Some people think that their show is more important than the well being of their neighbors. You can bet when there is a tornado warning in their town, they don’t complain when we bring them the up to the second information that only going live can do. I mean, can you imagine if we let a show run on the air, had the ability to show people exactly where a storm is but didn’t use it and then had something catastrophic happen. Crawls have limitations.

If you want to visit the interactive radar that is good for the whole United States down to street level, click here.

Here is the SPC discussion for the above graphics.

Kinda cool lightning photos from June 26 in Crawford County. These came via the National Weather Service In Louisville. The two at the top are from Wade Bell and the third one is from John Bowles.


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