Iraq Weather; Is The Ocean Floor Creating Life? Severe Threat This Wed. Eve.

Note: I got a comment that gave some sort of complaint about using a different term for the Persian Gulf. A term that had been used by National Geographic but is less well known than Persian Gulf. While the writer claims that the term has been “forbidden” by the UN and in Democracies, words are not forbidden, I have gone ahead and changed the references in my spirit of not offending. However, I must point out that the logic given is weak. Further, the other side of the Persian Gulf is admitted by the poster to be occupied by the Arabian Peninsula. How one side has jurisdiction over naming rights is beyond me except in the sense of nationalism. I edit this on the Fourth of July, the day that marked freedom of thought and freedom of speech that spread around the world and invite all who think that I need a lesson in geography to take a lesson in the value of Democracy and Freedom.

Someone tell me why there is such an interest in John Wilkes Booth. There have been over 100 hits on a posting about Booth from late April. I don’t get it. People seem to be going for the picture of Booth but I have no idea why.

Weather in Iraq: Below is a link to a good Persian Gulf Map. It’s a adobe pdf map that is big and the lat and lon lines are very clear. You can use it to view the second map, which is a loop of the forecast pressure and surface temperatures in the Middle East. From the big map, you can find that the coastal region of the Persian Gulf that is part of Iraq on the Iraq/Kuwait border is 30 N and 48 E. From there you should be able to get your bearings on the loop map. I believe it is the GFS solution. This is via the US Air Force and is not classified information. Take a look at how over 72 hours how consistent the isobars and isotherms are. Very hot and not changing. The US Navy forecast for the Persian Gulf is generally highs between 100 and 110 and lows in the low to mid 80’s with periods of dust. I suppose if we saw a big pressure gradient that would mean a big sandstorm though there may be local features that initiate that sort of stuff. Anyway, the press usually doesn’t tell us much about the weather for our men and women serving in Iraq and I thought some of you might be interested. Having said all of that…the references I am making are as of the time of this posting. The link should update and so the information that you get from the loop should be current for whenever you click on it.

Link to:

Persian Gulf Map

Link to:

GFS sfc temp and pressure fcst loop

Life From the Ocean Floor? I was sitting in the doctor’s office and actually found something besides Highlights or 6 month old copies of McCalls or Sports Illustrated. Doctors are notorious for providing extremely old periodicals to read. Anyway, I stumbled upon an article in Science News that talks about how organic material is apparently being created out of inorganic matter. Hydrocarbons, it is hypothesized, are being created out of inorganic chemical reactions in thermal vents in an area called the Lost City. Thermal vents typically create chimneys of minerals that rise to as high as 20 meters before the collapse. What caught these guys’ eye was the vents that were up to 60 meters and it turned out that they were made up of hydrocarbons. It’s a very interesting article and is an example of how, in the 21st century, we think we are so smart and know everything, when in fact, we know very little. We also tend to find that what we think we knew, we actually didn’t know at all. I could go on about the absolutes that are being thrown about in the Global Warming argument, but I won’t. But, I will say that one of the American exports of modern science is a lack of humility and lack of recognizing the limitations of man. Here is the link to the article printed in Science News in February 2008.

Science News Seafloor Chemistry: Life’s Building Blocks Made Inorganically

SPC Severe Threat for Wednesday Night Through Thur. Morning. The SPC has revised their forecast map for the remainder of the day and part of the viewing area is in the slight risk. Thunderstorms have developed just north of Louisville as a shortwave axis slips across. We are on the southern extent of the axis and I wouldn’t think that too much trouble could erupt but it’s not totally out of the realm of possibilities. There is probably a cap in most of our area but it is gone once you get toward Cincinnati. I’ll have more about Louisville weather later.


2 Responses

  1. Dear friend.
    I invite to read some geographical books and increase your scientifc knowledge before writing any post on your blog. tArabian Gulf is not existing anywhere in the world and it is a fabricated term with political purposes. Use the correct, legal and historical term Persian Gulf instead of counterfeiting its name.
    According to UN 18 August 1994, using any fabricated term for the body water Persian Gulf is forbidden.

  2. I have submitted to your request out of respect and because it’s not that big a deal and because Persian Gulf is, in fact, the more common term. However, on this Fourth of July, I would point out that in Democracies, words cannot be “forbidden” by anyone. Freedom is a wonderful thing.

    Thank you for writing though. I note below that mine is not the only site being attacked in this manner.

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