Philippines Typhoon Fengshen; Super-Collider Dooms Earth?; Internet “Shake-Up” proposed

Since it’s pretty quiet in the Atlantic, I thought I’d give an update to the Philipines Typhoon Fengshen. It hit the Phillippines with about 80-100 kt winds but there has been flooding. A ferry with 800 passengers capsized during the Typhoon. Who takes a ferry full of people into a Typhoon? The Skipper and Gilligan?Here is a link to an interesting website that has some news.

Surfer Village Link

Here is one from the US Navy that provides the latest tracking information. This data is not classifed.

Navy-Naval Research Laboratory

Here are some photos and an accompanying story from the BBC. If you look to the right it also has other stories. I’m linking on one that you probably won’t see in the US, which is about a super-collider in Europe that has people afraid that it is so powerful that it will bring the end of the world!! That would make the global warming question a moot point.

BBC Fengshen in Pictures

Earth Not “at risk” from Collider

And finally, another from the BBC about a proposed change in the internet.

BBC-Internet “shake-up”


2 Responses

  1. Thanks for the update and the photos

  2. My pleasure.

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