Iowa Flooding Photos; Silent Cal Smokes Peace Pipe

If you note the graphic above, we aren’t even in the thunderstorm outlook, let alone any severe risk area. You’ll also note that it’s a copy of the Sunday afternoon outlook for Monday.  I’ll update this later on Monday.  Anyway, I still think it’s possible for a few afternoon t’storms popping up as we remain in the influence zone of vortlobes rotating around a big low.  While yesterday I was pooh-poohing rain chances for Monday and championing them for late day Sunday, my thinking is that a lobe rotating around will probably kick off some action.  Probably not as confrontational as Sunday but still some stuff.  Note that the alpha-numeric modeling is not bullish on this assessment but then again, they weren’t bullish on Sunday’s activity either.  I think a wave that passes through Sunday night may get re-energized to our east after the sun comes up.  You see that the boys at the SPC have a similar idea with the proximity of the slight risk just to our northeast.  Then I think in the afternoon with the approach of another wave, some storms may progress our way late.  The boys at the SPC have this idea outlined with a t’storm chance just to our northwest.  In any event, we get into a pattern shift by mid week as a high builds in from the west on Tuesday, shifting east and allowing for a warm front with much hotter and much more humid air to return and afternoon rain chances holding fast Wednesday through Saturday.  It would appear that we have a shortwave of some consequence on Wednesday that may elevate t’storm prospects.

More Iowa Flooding Photos

These come from the Iowa Department of Transportation.  There are a bunch of stills from around the state.  I find the one of the railroad bridge at Waterloo rather interesting.  If you look on the left hand side of the page, you will find access to time lapse photos of a couple of Interstate Highways as they get flooded.  It’s always wild for me to see an Interstate flooded and closed.  Here is the link:

Iowa DOT Flood Gallery

On This Date In History: This is the President of the United States, Calvin Coolidge.  It’s a famous photo and has to be one of the most ridiculous photos in presidential history, but also rather poignantregarding the US Government and its dealings with the Native Americans.  See, Coolidge fancied himself as a great friend to America’s Indian tribes.  He was completely embarrassed by the abject poverty on the country’s Indian Reservations.  The forced assimilation and legal setbacks to the tribes over the decades weighed heavy on Coolidge who put on a public face of sympathy for tribal rights.  In 1924, he even signed the Indians Citizen Act which granted immediate citizenship for all members of America’s Indian tribes.  On This date in 1927, Sioux Elder Chauncey Yellow Robe, a direct descendant of Sitting Bull, invited Calvin Coolidge to be an honorary member of the Sioux tribe.  Sioux Chief Henry Standing Bear presented the 30thPresident of the United States with a traditional headdress and the photographers started clicking away.   Check out Silent Cal’s expression.

While Coolidge might very well had good intentions, the government he headed hadn’t changed its stripes too much.  For, in spite of the good will and rhetoric shown by the leader of the Land of the Free, away from the headlines, Uncle Sam was busy snagging children from families on reservations and placing them in federally funded boarding schools where they could learn a trade or marketable skills as well as get them familiar with the Euro-American culture.  In the meantime, they were losing the language and culture of their native heritage. 

American Indians always got the short end of the stick for years….until…the casino!!!  In 1987, the US Supreme Court ruled that reservations are considered to be sovereign nations and can operate gaming interests without taxation from the state.  In 1988, Congress passed the Indian Gaming Regulatory Act to set some ground rules.  In some measure, this led to more and more states legalizing gambling because of the success of the reservations and legislators were trying to figure out how to get their hands on the Indian’s wampum before the Indians could get it.  I suppose if Cal were made an honorary tribal member today they’d give him a poker chip and comp him a room at the Casino.


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