Sunday Night and Monday Storm Threat

Sorry this took so long.  Twas a bit busy today with several T’storm warnings.  Had someone email saying that we only care about Indiana.  Of course, the individual didn’t notice that I was on the air when the warning came out for his Kentucky county and I zoomed in and tracked the storm directly to his town.  When there are storms in Kentucky, people in Indiana say we don’t care about them. When there are storms in Indiana, people in Kentucky say we don’t care about them.    Come on…we treat everyone the same and bring the latest on the weather wherever it’s happening.   Okay..that’s off my chest.

Top graphic. Sunday night through Monday morning.  Sun going down, limited moisture at key levels but trofiness coming around has good dynamic energy aloft so that may be sufficient to maintain or even develop t’storms overnight on a scattered basis.  On Monday, the trof swings through but timing is an issue.  Cold pool aloft will help to develop afternoon stuff.  Suspect that most of the area stays dry on Monday afternoon but the timing of this stuff has been so off the wall, that it’s entirely possible that we still have the cold pool over us and the trof axis doesn’t swing east until Monday night.  SPC has the slight risk Louisville and northeast. 

After a dry Tuesday, we get back to the air-conditioner hot and humid conditions.  Still scattered activity  every day through the first half of the weekend.


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