Stretch Continues; Rough Day in 1908

Forecast still pretty much on track.  The upper low I’ve been talking about that gonna wander from North Texas and Oklahoma and weaken as it ends up moving to near Indianapolis is up to no good as it blows up big storms in the South Central plains.  It’s still expected to follow the track indicated and weaken but it will probably bring some clouds late Thursday night and early Friday morning and could possibly bring a few showers.  Thursday itself looks good but probably not as warm as Wednesday’s 84 with high clouds.  Friday should be warm and breezy.  Now, the front still comes through late Friday but it appears that the rain may be post frontal and therefore still around for Saturday morning but Saturday afternoon looks pretty good with slightly cooler but comfortable conditions. Same for Sunday.

On This Date In History:  What’s this? A weather related event in the history section?  On this date in 1908 a pretty big tornado outbreak took place in the Southeast.  Over 300 people were killed.  The photo above is from Purvis, Mississippi which only had 7 houses remaining once this big bopper moved through. It wasn’t like the Tri-States Tornado but was still remarkable in that it was suspected to have been on the ground for about 150 miles.  It is estimated to have been an F-4…presumably an EF-4 on the Enhanced Fujita Scale.  In any event, it was a big bopper.  It touched down in Amite, Louisiana and was 2.5 miles wide and took 29 lives.  When it got to Purvis, it claimed 55 more.  By the time it was done with its 150 mile trek, it had killed 143 people.

Here are some interesting statistics I’ve uncovered.  In the 20th century, it is estimated that over 15,000 people in the US were killed by tornadoes.  There wasn’t any organized warning systems in place until during World War II, the War Department had spotters on guard to warn for potential tornadoes in order to protect ammo plants and dumps.  I knew that many civilian use items are developed as a result of war but I didn’t know this was one of them.  After the war they began using spotters for civilian safety and began issuing warnings in the 1950’s with the development of forecasting techniques by the boys at Tinker Air Force Base in Oklahoma.  They issued the first watch there and a tornado touched down…on Tinker Air Force Base!  I think they did it again a week later and it happened again! 

Anyway, the warning system in the US has come a long way.  Now, the largest death toll from tornadoes comes from India and Bangladesh, where there are dense populations.  That part of the world is the only other place on the planet in which conditions that produce tornado spawning storms appear with the consistency found in North America.  Tornado Alley though still has more tornadoes than the rest of the world combined though, last time I checked.

Bob’s Husband Tip:  For my anniversary, I was thinking of the Eagles Pretty Maids All in a Rowand the line “someone should send you a rose.”  So, I sent Snow White a rose.  She loved it. Then I took her to Vincenzo’s.  Never been before.  Cardosi told me that I made a good choice and his forecast was pin point.  Great experience. Our waiter Gary was great and the food was fabulous.  I hate mushrooms but I ate’em all up they were so good.   Snow White was blown away.  Guys…if you have a special lady and want to take her to a top shelf place…you can’t go wrong.  Vincenzo is a super host and he makes you feel right at home.

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