Earth Day

Enjoy the nice stretch of weather.  My Wednesday front is a washout.  There was some indication that a little upper low will wander up from Oklahoma to around Indianapolis late Thursday but it’s running into a ridge and it will get squashed so we kept rain chances out.  Front on Friday will bring some rain late and that may hold over into early Saturday.  It may be kinda windy for balloon activities on Friday. Otherwise, enjoy the balance of the week and the nice spring weather.

Earth Day

The image from above was from Apollo 17, the final moon mission. I like it because it’s not some doctored up picture and shows the earth as it really is (was).

Earth Day is rather interesting because there are two people who get credit for its invention.   If you look up International Earth Day, you will find that John McConnell claims to have introduced the idea to the UN in September of 1969.  He said that nature provided the perfect day on the Spring Equinox.  The first UN sanctioned Earth day was on March 21, 1970.  The UN Peace Bell is rung on every UN earth day.  Their website says that the purpose of Earth Day is “to celebrate Earth’s life and beauty and to alert earthlings to the need for preserving and renewing the threatened ecological balances upon which all life on Earth depends.”

But, the media has grabbed on to another Earth Day, April 22.  This first Earth Day was held on this date in 1970. This was the brainchild of Wisconsin Senator Gaylord Nelson who said, “The objective was to get a nationwide demonstration of concern for the environment so large that it would shake the political establishment out of its lethargy and, finally, force this issue permanently onto the national political agenda.”  I guess he had the most juice because most people think of April 22 as Earth Day and political aims seem to have been met in July of 1970, President Nixon by Executive Order established the Environmental Protection Agency.

Ironic historical notes about Earth Day:

On This Date in 1915:  The German Army first introduced the use of poison gas on the battlefield as they fired 150 tons of Chlorine into Allied lines. Happy Earth Day.

On This Date in 1992: More than 200 people were killed and 1000 buildings damaged when the sewers exploded in Guadalajara, Mexico after natural gas filled the lines.  The warning signs were there but apparently the government nor the government controlled national oil company did anything about it. Happy Earth Day.

On This Date in 1994: The guy who was perhaps spurred by the first Earth Day, President Nixon, to create the Environmental Protection Agency….died.

On This Date in 1886: In Ohio, seduction became illegal.  I put this in here just because I find it odd that such an event took place on the date later designated for peace and harmony on earth.  It’s really not that big of a deal because the law says that teachers or other instructors were not allowed to have sex with anyone that they were instructing.  That is similar to laws today.  But, this one said that age was not a factor nor whether or not consent was given.  There were similar laws in other states but most of those made it crime for a man to have such relations with any woman who was not his wife.  The laws were not really enforced much but some guys went to jail.  I guess the women were just scorned, or something.  One guy in Michigan had two of his three counts thrown out by the appeals court.  They decided the second two didn’t count since the woman was no longer “virtuous” after the first encounter.  Then the third count was overturned after the court decided it was medically impossible for two people to take a tumble in a buggy!  A guy in New York in 1867 got clever and beat the system.  During his trial, he simply proposed to the woman and the trial was turned into a marriage ceremony.  Case dismissed!

BTW…I still think we should be focusing the attention on water pollution more than climate change…but alas…there doesn’t seem to be any money in that.

3 Responses

  1. Well Bob alot of info. Not much to say.

  2. Happy Earth Day. Like who cares.

  3. I guess it’s safe to assume that Ms. Harrett won’t be renting “An Inconvenient Truth” any time soon. As for not saying much…criminalizing seduction could speak volumes, especially for some politicians or even Presidents. I think the Naked Profit said it all!!!

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