Believe It. Big Snow

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I’m not even going to bother with another map. The previous one basically applies. Only real difference is that the southeastern part of the viewing area, such as Green and Marion counties will probably get 3-6 inches. Much of the viewing area will be 6-12 inches. Also, probably there won’t be much rain early on and then a bit of sleet but this will be mainly a snow event for the whole area, save for the east and southeast that may have the mix last farther into Friday.

The event will begin early Friday. Driving conditions should be fine in the morning. It’s the afternoon and evening drive that will be problematic. Pretty good snow from late morning until late afternoon. Then a break in the action. Then Friday night through Saturday morning there will be moderate to perhaps brief periods of heavy snow. There may be some flurries through Saturday afternoon. It will be cold all weekend…while some people may sneak above freezing Sunday afternoon, most of us will probably below freezing until Monday afternoon.

Now, I had some kid quibbling over whether he would get 9 inches or 12 inches…you know that point it doesn’t make much difference. other thing. Some of the models throw out as much as 16 inches and that may hold true BUT…the first part of the event, the ground will still be fairly warm at first. Remember, we got up to 54 degrees on Thursday. Our temperatures overnight will fall to the low 30’s and then pretty much stay around the freezing mark on Friday. So, it will take a little time for the ground to get cold enough to support accumulations. Further, the early snow will be pretty wet and so the early accumulation will compact a bit easier. Effective snow totals therefore may be a bit less than official snow totals. Then again, the later snow will probably be more than just a 10-1 ratio…a more fluffy variety of say 15 to 1 ratio. So maybe the late Friday snow totals may be enhanced somewhat by a larger ratio.

Any way you slice it, this is our best shot at a very substantial snow in about 10 years. The last good one we had was around Christmas of 2004 and that wasn’t all that good because there was a bunch of sleet and freezing rain in between. A few years ago, there was an event in which up to 3 feet of snow fell in the northern part of the viewing area and Louisville got sleet and a little snow. So areawide, this is the best in some time.

Let’s all enjoy it.


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