Ness Gets a Job

Frost advisory is in effect for much of the viewing area. For points North of Caruthersville and East of Simpsonville to Bardstown, there is a freeze warning. High pressure over head will keep us crystal clear and very little wind allowing the mercury to fall. After we get our first hard freeze, then these types of advisories and warnings are no longer issued. In the South though, they are issued all season. We will warm up nicely Monday afternoon but will be chilly again Monday night. We will continue to warm up until late Wednesday when a front comes through quietly….not enough to hamper trick or treaters….and seasonal temperatures return for the end of the week.

On This Date in History: The man above…Elliott Ness…was on the road to employment and history. This is something I did not know….the 18th Amendment(Prohibition) was ratified in January of 1919. But it was a moot point because apparently no one enforced it. It wasn’t until 9 months later, on this date in 1919, that the Volstead Act was passed by Congress, over-riding a veto by President Wilson. The Volstead Act provided for the enforcement of the law. I didn’t know there needed to be an act of Congress for authorities to enforce Constitutional Amendments. Anyway, the Federal Government was then authorized to enforce the law and the creation of a special unit of the Treasury Department to forcefully do so. That’s where Ness comes in. He was assigned to Chicago and had the unenviable task of taking down Al Capone, which he did for not paying his taxes on illegally obtained money. Illegal or not, you need to pay up. I wonder what he was supposed to list as his source of income on his return? I also wonder what Wilson was thinking when he vetoed the Volstead Act. I mean, part of the oath as President is to uphold and defend the Constitution of the United States. Technically, one might say that his veto was in contradiction to his oath and therefore qualified him for removal of office. That makes me wonder if anyone suggested that? Usually, if I’ve thought of something then someone else already has too, but perhaps I will investigate.

Oh….one other thing not on the subject…Britney Spears. If you want to send letters of support, I suppose you can contact this Lexington Church. It made the AP wires but not too many newscasts…except perhaps in Lexington.


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