The Bell From the Belle

Much of Louisville and the surrounding area got much needed rain Wednesday and Thursday. The southern part of the viewing area missed out on the really helpful stuff and that’s too bad because we’re high and dry for the next several days.
Bell Awards: Tonight we taped the Bell Awards and you will want to check it out on October 13 from 8 to 9 pm. You will hear incredible stories about people who have selflessly volunteered to help make our community better. I’ve been honored to be able to escort a recipient each of the last 10 years and I’m always amazed at what we are all capable of if we put our minds to it. These people are the best of the best and they usually don’t search for recognition but its great that these fine folks get a moment in the spotlight because their stories are truly inspiring. I had the honor of escorting Ms. Joyce Rhea who not only has devoted her life to helping kids, but also sacrificed her career to do so. Hers was one of 12 stories you will hear from people of all ages and all walks of life. Do yourself a favor and tune in, you won’t regret it. It was truly a privilege for me to be able to spend time with Joyce and her family as well as just being in the same room with those who give so much for so many.
The award is a bell that was an exact replica cast from the bell from the Belle of Louisville. The Belle is a treasure to the city and the award symbolizes the treasures of our city.

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