That Was Rain Some of You Saw Today

That stuff you felt or saw falling from the sky on Tuesday afternoon was rain. Well, at least there was a little in Louisville and upwards of an inch in Indiana. There is more where that came from but don’t build an ark just yet. The front coming through will provide some welcome rain but I suspect it won’t be enough to make you happy nor content your plants. The trees seem to be reacting adversly to the lack of rain and warm conditions as they seem to be losing interest in making for a good fall season. I have a bunch of brown leaves in my yard just like we used to in Houston…except in Houston they don’t fill your yard until around Christmas. Anyway, my prognostication for fall is lousy colors like last year. A bit here and there but not a big burst as we tend to see when we have a wet late summer with cool conditions.

On This Date In History: Daniel Boone died in 1820. He didn’t get attacked by Indians, he didn’t get eaten by a bear and he didn’t die in Kentucky. He simply died quietly at the age of 86. Today we have the credit crisis affecting real estate owners. In Boone’s day, you had to have a proper claim and it seems ole Dan’l didn’t have the proper papers for his land holdings in Kentucky. Because he failed to register his land properly, he lost his land in Kentucky and I suppose that included Boonesboro. Dan may have been gone but they kept the name. Boone in 1799 went west and settled in Missouri at the tender age of 65. He spent his final years hunting and trapping. Later, Fess Parker portrayed Boone in a TV series in the late 60’s. In the series, Parker wore a coonskin cap and there was even a reference to that in the theme song. Trouble was that Boone never wore a coonskin cap. Guess Parker had it left over from his previous TV series in which he portrayed Davy Crockett. Kept the Boone series budget costs low. Honestly, I couldn’t tell the difference between Parker’s Crockett and Parker’s Boone as he was one of those guys who acted the same way in all of his roles. But, I must say I think Parker looks more like a Boone than Boone did. There is a statue of Boone, not Parker, near Cherokee Park.

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