Too Pooped For Prose

The weather is boring and will remain so through the weekend. A useless front will come through but you won’t know it unless you look on our weathercast and see a blue line on the map. Wait until around Tuesday when a front man’s up and joins with moisture from Tropical Depression 10 to bring rain. Then we’ll knock several degrees off the mercury.

This Date In History: On this date in 2007, I spent the day recovering. Snow White and I sculled up the Ohio River to 12 mile island. A guy in a kayak reports the round trip was about 15 miles. My backside is sore, my legs are heavy and my wrists don’t work. I had a spider jump in my scull and crawl about on me until he took a bite. Then I had two turkey buzzards circling very low around me. Last night Snow White had to scrape me off the floor and prop me up at a party featuring Kool and the Gang. Now I’m deaf. I was accused of getting my “groove on” and getting my “freak on.” That is how they described me basically holding up the tent pole as Snow White danced the night away. I tried to raise my hands at the urging of the singer during Celebrate but my arms didn’t work. I am still in seclusion with my fat cats, Nit and Wit, making light of my predicament. Snow White is quite amused. Yesterday, we stopped to get water from a convenience store and the clerk asked where we had been and I told him. He responded, “you must be in great shape.” I answered, “no.”

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