Willie and Jimmy

Spectacular weather the past few days….Snow White and I did some fine sculling…though my blistered hands reflect a life lacking in physical labor and soft hands. A man with soft hands is great for the ladies(just ask Snow White) but not so good for manning the oars. I’ll survive though I’ve learned the importance of that last layer of skin.
Some of the high clouds were rather interesting as I suspect they were produced from the outflow of hurricane Humberto. It looked real good on the satellite and radar imagery last night but I thought for sure it would run out of ocean real estate before it could become a hurricane. Well, I’m not the only one surprised. At the end of the NHC intergovernmental discussion, the remark was something suggesting that maybe someday we’d find out how it went from a depression to a hurricane so fast. As it is, the front that brought us the good weather is shunting the remnants of the hurricane to the east which is too bad because we sure could have used the rain. Now, when a strong front comes through Friday, it’s not going to have much in the way of moisture so rain chances are limited. It will reintroduce cool and dry conditions for the weekend, meaning that the Heritage Festival in Lanesville will be great and UL and UK fans can’t blame the weather if their team comes up short.
On This Date In History: Remember during the 1976 Presidential election how Jimmy Carter used his stellar integrity as a campaign club? Remember the famous “lust in my heart” comment and the focus on his Southern Baptist upbringing? President Carter was extremely bright. He served honorably in the United States Navy as a Captain directly under the command of Admiral Hyman Rickover aka the “father of the nuclear navy”. President Carter was known as a peanut farmer in campaign literature but the truth is he was a nuclear engineer of great ability. He and President Herbert Hoover are the only academically trained engineers to serve as President…you can draw your own conclusions. Anyway, all of this makes this date in 1980 all that more remarkable. On September 13, 1980 President Carter hosted a concert by none other than Willie Nelson at the White House. Willie Nelson of “Whiskey River” and “Outlaw” fame. Willie Nelson on his 3rd marriage at the time. Later Nelson went on to run up an interesting rap sheet of marijuana arrests and was convicted of failure to pay his income taxes. Not one to be kept down, Willie made a new record called The IRS Tapes: Will You Buy My Dreams? A lot of people did because Willie paid back the hundreds of thousands, if not millions(I can’t remember how much it was) in back taxes.
But, I suppose to forgive is Divine, especially if you are forgiving a country music star with some good tunes. Seems President Carter liked to listen to Nelson’s music while pondering policy and other items associated with the pressures of being President. Carter told Rolling Stone magazine, “All the good things I did as president, all the mistakes I made — you can blame half of that on Willie.” Nelson, who was a public supporter of NORMAL (National Organization for Reform of Marijuana Laws) exercised his protest right, I suppose, by lighting up what he called “a big fat Austin torpedo” while on the White House roof. That would be a giant joint for all of you lacking in the hip verbiage of the day. Carter said he never knew about it but Nelson claims the Secret Service kept a sharp eye on him while he sparked up on the Carter White House roof. Nelson has traced his lineage to the American Revolution. Perhaps he was doing his version of the Boston Tea Party as he toked away on top of the Presidential residence.

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