Red Faces and The Purple Heart

Walked outside this afternoon and it reminded me of my old stompin’ ground of Houston, Texas. Hot and humid. Get used to it. A front will come through on Friday. It is known as a cold front but you will hear people call it a “cool front” which is done to try to say its a very weak front but technically there is no such thing as a “cool front” which is why you won’t hear me say it. Anyway, the weekend temperatures will fall to the lower 90’s…maybe even upper 80’s for the northern part of the viewing area. I think the real benefit for a few days will more than likely be the drier air. That will allow for decent overnight lows instead of the mid to upper 70’s. The last two days we’ve set official record warmest low temperatures at the airport of 80 and 81 degrees. But no one lives at the airport so most of you were in the mid 70’s. That’s still fairly uncomfortable.
Today is a great example of what I was talking about with kyplowboy the other day. At 3 pm it was 99 degrees. The dewpoint was 69 and the heat index was 105. Anyone would tell you it was pretty uncomfortable….yet…the humidity was 37%. At 99 degrees, the atmosphere expands such that it is capable of holding a whole bunch of water. With a dewpoint of 69 it was just 37% full. But its still humid and I suspect the drying potential is very poor. I’ve hear people all the time claim 95 degrees and 90% humidity in the South. I don’t argue with them but they are wrong. Nowhere on the planet do you get 90% humidity with temperatures in the 90’s. If we had 50% humidity and 99 degrees, it would be extremely oppressive. I guess it sounds good to make such claims but its wrong, unless they live on Venus. Anyway, working too hard outside will give you a red face…or it does me. Be careful out there. Heat related deaths are one of the leading weather related killers in our country.
On This Date in History: On this date in 1782, General George Washington established the Badge For Military Merit. The badge consisted of a silk heart stitched on a purple background as was to be awarded for “any singularly meritorious action.” If you received one, then you could go through any checkpoint of guards or sentinels without challenge. The Badge for Military Merit is only known to have been given to three individuals. The whole thing was largely forgotten for years until Army Chief of Staff Charles Summerall tried to get Congress to re-establish the award in 1927. I guess he had no clout because nothing was done until his successor, General Douglas MacArthur took his place an in 1931, Congress established the “Purple Heart.” It consists of a gold bust of Washington on a purple ribbon. It is awarded to any soldier who is killed or wounded in action or for those who suffer maltreatment as a POW.

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